Christmas gift ideas for him

A little inspiration (and these pro tips) are all it takes to create the most thoughtful Christmas gift for him. Made from photos of sucked-in stomachs and stuck-out tongues.

Photobox’s resident gift guru, Matt James of Party-Ideas-by-a-Pro, is an award-winning party planner who’s produced birthdays, weddings, and events for A-list celebrities such as Stella McCartney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sir Elton John. He shares his inspirational ideas for using Photobox products to create thoughtful and meaningful Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift ideas for him - large prints - spell it out

Spell It Out

The problem with most ‘Christmas gifts for him’ lists is that they all tend to feature such cliched ideas, which invariably revolve around beer, football, golf, whiskey, cufflinks, wallets, tools or even socks! Because you know, those are all man things – man make fire, man cook meat, man drink beer. Grrrr.

But let’s not forget that the men in our lives are also husbands, fathers, lovers and our partners in crime. They’re individuals. They feel stuff, they like to be appreciated and occasionally they need a little pat on the head.

So, ditch the obvious and stereotypical gifts and give him a truly personal photo gift like Spell It Out, to remind him what he means to you. It will be far more meaningful than another set of cufflinks with his initials on.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - reasons we love you

Reasons We Love You

We give gifts to show how much someone means to us, but we don’t often tell them. Reasons We Love You is a creative way to let the gift do the talking.

Highlight admirable qualities such as ‘You don’t complain even when I know you’re not feeling your best’, enviable skills; ‘You’ve got the moves like Jagger’, or loveable flaws; ‘You are a terrible handyman but that never stops you trying to fix things’. Getting friends and family together to contribute their own sentiments will ensure he feels loved and admired while making a uniquely personal Christmas gift for him.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - the motley bunch

The Motley Bunch

Christmas is a time for being with your loved ones. And while you might be secretly praying that too much family time doesn’t undo all the progress you’ve made with your therapist, you have to admit it’s the memories that are made with your crazy relatives that you remember, not the presents.

The Motley Bunch is all about capturing some of your family’s unique brand of charm in a modern family portrait. One where you stop pretending you’re a nice normal family and embrace every kooky, annoying, peculiarity and imperfection. And because each photo can be taken separately, it makes a perfect surprise gift for your man. You can take his photo and insert it into the centre of the collage without him having to know what it’s for.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - the usual suspects

The Usual Suspects

Good friends never let you do anything stupid… alone. And Christmas is the perfect time to be thankful for your own crazy, dysfunctional, misfit bunch. Without whom life would probably be a whole lot duller.

The Usual Suspects is a fun way to celebrate all the colorful characters that make up your group of friends by getting them to admit all their funny and annoying characteristics and have them confess to the crime their most guilty of.

Whether it’s his mates; ‘The Big Shot’ who’s always name dropping or ‘The Playboy’ with a penchant for fake tan; or your posse; ‘The Gullible One’ who goes from one fad diet to the next or ‘The Opinionated One’ with no inside voice, assembling your very own group of Most Wanted will make for a truly original Christmas gift for him, which you can also reproduce on smaller gifts for the rest of the gang.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - heart and sole

Heart and Sole

If there’s anything that can melt the hearts of even the toughest most stoic man, it’s his kids telling him they love him. Sadly, they’re usually all too aware of this and use it to get away with murder! But that doesn’t mean he won’t still appreciate it.

Heart and Sole is a cute way to capture those sentiments in a photograph, so that he can be reminded on them over and over again.

It’s a simple idea, but it makes such a touching gift with so much sentimental value – which really is the best kind of Christmas gift.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - little boxes

Little Boxes

The good news is that Christmas is all about family. The bad news is it has to be your own family. And since there’s a no returns or exchanges policy, you might as well just embrace the crazy!

Photo gifts make such personal Christmas presents. But most family portraits depict everyone on their best behavior, standing rigid, forced smiles, dressed like they’re going to church. Yeah, no one’s buying that. How about giving him something a little more real for Christmas?

Little Boxes is a fun way to capture the true spirit of family life – in all it’s quirky, unruly, and chaotic glory. A modern family portrait that shows your clan for who they really are; a loveable but far from perfect, bunch of jokers.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - a gift every hour

A Gift Every Hour

There’s always such an anti-climax after binge-opening all your Christmas presents at once. So why not make the magic last all day for him?

Instead of focusing on one or two main presents, A Gift Every Hour is a fun way to give him 12 smaller gifts; one to be opened every hour. They don’t have to be expensive, in fact, a mix of homemade, sentimental and gag gifts, along with anything that evokes a memory or celebrates your relationship often works best. It might be a coupon for a massage, his favourite childhood treats, a plan for date night or a photo from when you first met.

It’s a great way to focus on more thoughtful, romantic and personal gifts that have some meaning attached, while spreading the love over the entire day.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - head to head

Head to Head

Formal family portraits can be a bit of a snoozefest. And while you’ve probably got plenty of candid shots of yourself and kids laughing and messing around, it’s rare that they feel special enough to put in a frame – let alone be something he might display on his desk at work.

Head to Head is an easy and creative way to photograph yourself and the kids, resulting in a unique family photo that’s relaxed, informal and above all else, authentic. Simply by shooting from an unexpected angle it keeps the portrait natural, while elevating it above the everyday. It’s a lovely way to create an intimate, frame-worthy, photo that you can add to any number of Christmas gifts for him.

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Christmas gift ideas for him - head swap

Head Swap

Can you image what a family portrait would look like if you put him in charge of organising it? Well, this might just be it! Although, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, you’ve probably already got plenty of family photos where everyone’s smiling nicely at the camera. But I’m guessing they’re probably not the most realistic representation of your colourful bunch? Why not have a little fun and create a light-hearted family portrait that’s the type of thing he’d probably make himself?

Head Swap is a way to capture the true spirit of your family, where polite smiles and formal poses are replaced with lively and expressive faces that reflect everyone’s real personalities. You can also shoot it without him needing to be involved, making it a perfect surprise Christmas gift for him.

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