The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By Photobox on 22 December 2023

Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a bit tricky – after all, not every relationship is the same. If you’re stressing about the run up to the big romantic day, we’ve got just what you need with personalised gifts for every love story.

For the newly acquired partner

If you and your loved one cosied up at the start of winter, you might be feeling the pressure at the moment – what do you even get someone you’ve only been with for a short amount of time?

Our Standard Prints are the perfect gift for when you don’t want to go overboard, but you still want to show you care. Simply pick the best snaps from all those honeymoon-phase moments you’ve been making together and slot them in your Valentine’s card, or pick up a frame for some instant home decor.

For the long-term lover

You’ve passed the test of time and been through a lot of Valentine’s, to the point where a takeaway and a documentary on the 14th February sounds more than ideal. However, as your gift-giving cupids, we think now’s the perfect time to boost the romance with an extra special gift.

Creating an A4 Personalised Photo Book is a great way to empty out your camera roll and take a look back through all the good times you and your soulmate have had, from cosy date nights to those spontaneous vacations. The throwback moments might even inspire you two to plan some new adventures.

For the one that isn’t big on Valentine’s

‘Tis the season to feel the love, but you or your partner just might not be ‘lovey dovey’ people, and that’s okay – it’s time to swap the rose petals for something they’d *actually* like.

A Simple Mug is just what you need to avoid showing up empty handed *and* avoid being too cheesy. All you need to do is add your favourite photo together to brighten up their mornings. You could even add their favourite colour with our Mug Coloured Inside for an extra personal touch.

For the one that’s far away

Long distance relationships can be tough, especially around Valentine’s Day, so a personalised gift that says you’re thinking of them can help bring the two of you closer together.

A Simple Canvas Print is a great way to take your favourite photo together that idly sits in your camera roll and turn it into a piece of special home decor. If you simply can’t pick one photo, you could also opt for a set of Magnets for the fridge.

For the mate you can’t live without

The idea that Valentine’s is a time solely for romantic love is old school – your close friends deserve some attention too.

Why not show the platonic love you have for your best mate with a Little Moments Photo Book. This small but mighty square book is perfect for filling with all your favourite photos together straight from Instagram.

No matter what kind of love story you’re in, we’ve got the perfect gift with a personal touch at Photobox.