How to create the *perfect* day for Mum

By Photobox on 14 February 2023

Make her a cuppa in bed

Rise and shine, it’s Mother’s Day. Whether she loves her cosy cuppa tea, or simply can’t face the day without her coffee, a morning brew made by you will be the sweetest thing for mum to wake up to.

Why not start her day with a bit of extra love and make her a cuppa in bed using a personalised Simple Photo Mug? Not only will she be excited to receive it, but she’ll be over the moon to also see that the mug has her favourite photo wrapped around the quality white ceramic.

There’s no need to stress about having a pile up in the sink – Photobox mugs are dishwasher safe. They’re also microwave safe, for those mums that make a cuppa, forget about it, and later find it’s gone a bit cold (we’ve all been there).

Stick a personalised note on the fridge

Be gone, last minute texts – we’re all about sending warm wishes with genuine love and care, and seeing a handwritten Happy Mother’s Day note on the fridge is a small yet meaningful surprise she definitely won’t be guessing.

A way to take the gesture even further is by sticking the note up using personalised magnets. Our Square Photo Fridge Magnets come in a set of nine so you can print a range of her favourite moments, from that hilarious family selfie, to the unforgettable view from holiday.

Refresh and decorate the house

It’s time to let mum put her feet up, so why not give the house a tidy and add some new decoration to spruce up the space.

Our premium Retro Prints are a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to your humble abode, giving the good times a classic feel on quality glossy photo paper. Simply choose your snaps, and add some captions or write on them yourself with a marker when they arrive.

Don’t forget to add a hanging kit for a small fee so they’re ready to put on display to surprise mum on her special day.

End the day with a surprise gift

What an a-mazing day it’s been for mum, being treated like the queen she is. But the love doesn’t stop there – it’s time to wrap up the day with something to unwrap.

Imagine the look on her face when she tears away the wrapping paper to find a book. Not just any old book, a book of her most treasured moments, an A4 Personalised Photo Book made entirely with her in mind. Because she’s truly the greatest, and she deserves something special.

Whatever you fancy filling it with (click here for some ideas), cosying up and flicking through the book together is the perfect way to end a perfect Mother’s Day.