7 Clever Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

By Photobox on 16 May 2022

It’s your wedding day, so make sure everyone knows it. From photo place cards to post-speech entertainment, these 7 tips will make your big day all about you. Just as it should be.

Build a family tree with photo prints

One of the greatest joys of a wedding is bringing the whole family together. With everyone under one roof, creating a family tree is a great way to introduce them to your guests (and maybe even each other: third-cousin-twice-removed who?). Print a photo of each family member – you and your partner’s – and create a display to sit in the reception area. Connecting the dots from great grandparents to newborn arrivals is a heartfelt way to keep your guests entertained (and distracted from all that free prosecco…).

What you’ll need: Classic Prints

Create a seating plan with your favourite moments

The seating plan – every soon-to-be-weds nightmare. While deciding who will sit next to Uncle Dave is never easy, naming your tables will be. Forget flower types or Harry Potter houses, a more personal (and nostalgic) way to direct your guests to their tables is with photos. Name each table after a special occasion for you and your partner, like your first date, first holiday, and *the* proposal. Print a photo of each event for the seating plan and table. Looking back at your relationship highlights will spark all the joy and is totally unique to your big day.

Use baby photos for place cards

So your guest has made it to their table, but which seat is theirs? Here’s another chance to add something just for them – a photo of their face to mark their seat. Better yet, make it a baby photo; it’s sure to make your guests smile and get the conversation going too (which is always good for bringing strangers together). Ask your guests to send across a baby photo pre-big day and get them printed. Write their name underneath, position them at their table seat, and get your friends and family feeling all nostalgic.

What you’ll need: Retro Prints

Write a ‘Get to know your guests’ book

Picture this: The Singles table. All your plus-none friends united at one table with no context of each other and tired of responding to “so… how do you know the bride?”. A nifty way to break the ice is to create a book with a mini-bio of each guest. A photo and a one-liner that sums up each person at the table, e.g. “Ross is a pro baker and always trying new recipes – ask him the Mary Berry story”. Though this one takes a lot of prep, and a bit of research, it’s sure to make your guests grin, get them talking, and ease the nerves of anyone there on their own.

Fill the room with meaningful messages

Poster prints with quotes and lyrics are always a winner at home, so why not at your wedding? Design a canvas print that features lyrics from your first dance or quotes about love and marriage. Create your design – or ask your graphic designer friend really nicely – and upload it to a canvas print, just like you would with a photograph. Add your wedding hashtag for extra #GenZ points and your guests will be snapping it for Instagram in no time.

What you’ll need: A Canvas Print

Bring a photo jigsaw to entertain the kids

Who isn’t up for a bit of fun and games? Wedding day included. Our personalised jigsaws feature a photo of your choice printed on a puzzle. Add yours to the ‘games table’ and keep the kids entertained. Or the adults. Our jigsaws range up to 2,000 pieces, but that’s maybe a little big for the ‘big’ day. Once the wedding’s over, create a new puzzle with your favourite wedding photo, perfect for putting together on a rainy evening.

What you’ll need: A Personalised Jigsaw

Make your guest book a photo book

Before your guests leave (dance or stagger) out of the building, it’s important that they sign the guestbook. But, what fun is a simple notebook with empty pages? For a guestbook that’s a joy to flick through for its messages and images, create a photo book ahead of the big day with all your favourite couple shots. Capture your whole relationship timeline – friends and family included – and leave space for your guests to pepper their words of love and luck throughout. Remember (!) to take it home after the wedding and leave it on your coffee book as a reminder of your best day ever, filled with words from your favourite people.

What you’ll need: A Photo Book