50 messages for baby shower cards

By Photobox on 20 November 2017

It’s that wonderful event where you get to celebrate the arrival of a brand new bundle of joy with an expectant mummy: the baby shower! So get scribbling with your messages – try a poem, a joke or just one of our handy suggestions!

Writing a card as a guest

If you’ve been invited to a celebration, then you want to share only the warmest of baby shower wishes:

  1. Can’t wait to meet the new arrival!
  2. I know you’ll be fantastic parents, enjoy every moment of it.
  3. Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, I’m sure you’ll do great!
  4. Mummy-to-be! Congratulations on your bundle of joy!
  5. All our love to your little miracle.
  6. The most powerful love of all is about to come into your lives!
  7. Hey, mum and dad, your little bundle of love is about to teach you more than you ever knew! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of welcoming your beautiful baby into the world.
  8. Your baby will surely be as smart, beautiful and joyful as his/her parents.
  9. May you all be happy, healthy and always loved.
  10. Get ready to forget your names! From now on, you’re mummy and daddy!

Writing for a boy

  1. I bet the little man can’t wait to meet you, I know we can’t wait to meet him!
  2. Oh, brother! Here comes another one for twice as much love!
  3. We’re sure he’ll be a little gentleman, can’t wait to make his acquaintance!
  4. Snips and snails and puppy dog’s tails – that’s what your lovely boy is made of!
  5. May you have a healthy, happy baby boy that’s just as handsome as daddy and as smart as mummy!
  6. What a lucky lad to have the parents he’s got!
  7. Life’s gift to you is this bouncy baby boy, just as life’s gift to him is two fantastic parents
  8. Grazed knees, footballs over the fence, you’ll have so much fun watching your little man grow!
  9. Maybe he’s the next Beckham, or at least that’s how it’s going to feel when he starts kicking!
  10. Welcome to the world, little fellow! It’s not always easy, but you have two of the greatest guides!

Writing for a girl

  1. I know you’ll be just as beautiful as your mummy!
  2. Enjoy a life filled with sugar and spice and all things nice!
  3. Hey little princess, welcome to your kingdom – make sure your two servants treat you right!
  4. Your gorgeous girl has so much to look forward to with loving parents like you!
  5. She’ll be a bundle of joy you’ll love more than you ever knew you could!
  6. A beautiful baby girl to spoil rotten – enjoy every minute of it!
  7. Can’t wait to meet your darling daughter!
  8. She’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you, just as you are the greatest parents that could ever be given to her!
  9. We can’t wait for your sweet little girl to make her arrival, and we’re waiting to roll out the pink carpet!
  10. Best wishes and all our love to mummy, daddy and your darling little girl!

Writing as parents

When the shower’s all finished and you have a wealth of clothes, nappies and cuddly toys to enjoy, you’ll need to send out your own baby shower thank you cards in return! The best time to do this is after your little bump has arrived, when your card can be decorated with an adorable baby photo.

  1. All three of us are so glad you could come!
  2. He can’t speak yet, but I think he kicked “thank you” in Morse code!
  3. Thank you for your beautiful gift, we know she’ll love it!
  4. Next time I see you, you can carry him in your arms!
  5. We couldn’t have done without you at our party, just like we definitely couldn’t do without these nappies!
  6. Introducing baby [name] we know she can’t wait to meet you!
  7. Please meet [name] he’s still tired from his amazing baby shower!
  8. The love we have for our baby has been learnt from the friends who love us so dearly, thank you!
  9. We know our little man will love you as much as we do, thank you for being part of our celebrations!
  10. Here’s [name], already thankful for all her special presents!
  11. Meet [name] he’s so happy to learn all his friends have already bought him gifts!
  12. Thank you for celebrating with us, [name] can’t wait to meet you!
  13. Your greatest gift to us is your friendship, we know [name] will love you too!
  14. 5 pounds of pure love, we can’t wait for you to share in it!
  15. Born on [date] and loved forever, hope you can meet her very soon!
  16. He may not speak but we can tell he already loves all his gifts and the friends who gave them to him!
  17. We’re still getting used to being mummy and daddy, but thanks to all her friends, our little princess is already used to being spoilt!
  18. She wants to meet you already, hurry over and say hi!
  19. Here’s the cutey-pie himself, we’re very in love, we know you’ll love him too!
  20. Her name is [name] and she is very thankful for her new toys!

Another suggestion is to thank guests who attented the baby shower for their gifts. Why not send well-wishers a birth announcement card and let them know when the little guy or girl will be using their gift? When your baby turns 1 the following year, suggest to friends and family to use personalised designs and messages to decorate their birthday card.