Photographing the Seasons – ‘Autumn’

Are you feeling wonder and amazement at the explosion of colours you are seeing all around you this Autumn, but not sure of the best way to photograph its brilliance?

This week our guest blogger Maria Slough returns with suggestions on photographing the abundance of colours that Autumn now presents us with, as well as sharing her top tips for creative photography within this dreamlike season. Over to Maria…

Autumn is upon us and for the next few weeks Nature will offer up a kaleidoscope of beauty in an ever changing landscape to inspire your photography. There will be hues of Green, Brown and Yellow sitting alongside Reds, Pinks and Oranges all waiting to be captured with your camera or smartphone. However Autumnal photography offers up more than just colours. It offers us flat skies that are perfect for photographing reflections, great backdrops for family photographs and stunning early morning mists as the Autumnal change in temperature prepares us for Winter. Below are some of my top tips for photographing Autumn, involving your family, landscapes, close-ups or morning mists.


Autumn leaves provide the perfect natural location to go out with your family and pets, have some fun and capture some memorable shots. Match the colour of your surroundings with an item of clothing in the picture and inject lots of movement and laughter into the shot.


Collect a bag of leaves and encourage your children and pets to play amongst them. To include yourself in the picture set your camera on a tripod to multiple remote and join in the fun to create memorable family portraits.  For example, you could create a nice photo canvas or collage print from this type of picture.



As the seasons evolve around you don’t be afraid to make the landscape an accessory in your photograph. Look for textures and shapes that work in contrast to the softness of nature’s foliage.

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Landscapes throughout the changing seasons don’t have to be grand. Your garden or view from your window is your own private landscape even if it is just a single tree. Photograph your view twice a week and see how it changes during the next month. Fallen leaves will give you great ‘leaf reflections’ to photograph.


With Autumn sunshine comes great shadows and contrast. Experiment taking a photograph towards your light source to add dynamism to your pictures. Take these pictures with the sun/ or light just outside the frame of your shot to generate maximum effect.


Whether you are photographing the Seasons from a window or a field, by the sea or in your garden remember to look up and include the Autumn skies.


In photography always look for the less obvious particularly when the elements and nature meet. As the seasons roll by, there are many opportunities for close-up or ‘macro’ photography. Below an Autumn shower collides with a recently spun spiders web.


Seasonal fruit and vegetable such as apples, pumpkins and onions provide great colour and texture for photographing. Experiment with some close-up shots using items from your fridge or store cupboard.


Try taking a picture from underneath your favourite nearby tree. Amongst the shadows you will find some great ‘light puddles’. All these shots can be captured with your smartphone so no picture need ever be missed.


Morning Mists

For the dedicated photographer and the early risers amongst us, early morning mists make for magical photographs. Using the tip from above, shooting into the light source will give you dramatic skies.



When photographing mist and fog, a good tip is to have a main focal point in the foreground of your picture. This will give the mist or fog context and help it stand out more. Also look out for unusual tree formations that have been shaped by constant exposure to the elements.

Getting Creative

The pictures below from a recent shoot were inspired by the colours and leaves of Autumn.




How does the change in nature inspire your photography? What creative photographs can you take this Autumn and during the seasons ahead? We would love to see what you capture so please share your experiences with us.


Maria Slough is a Portrait and Media Reportage Photographer. To see the full ‘Autumn’ shoot go to

All images by: Maria Slough, all rights reserved © Maria Slough Photography

Make Up: Alice Tucker Model:  Elizabeth Bell

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