How to take great photos of your pets

How to take great photos of your pets

Pets play a huge part in most families – but most of the time they just want to make things extremely hard when it comes to trying to get a successful photograph of them. Although some of you may have it down to a tee, some of us don’t find it easy at all.

So to lend a helping hand, we have come up with some guidelines to help you get a pet photo that you can be truly proud of.

Make the most of your pet’s character

If your pet is very sleepy, then picture them sleeping, if they’re hyperactive and playful then capture them leaping in the air or performing their favourite trick. At the end of the day, no one knows your pet better than you do, so play to his or her strengths.

Cecilia Cat

Use natural light

If it’s possible, then we advise that you should always use natural light when trying to take a photograph of your pet. Try to avoid the flash at all cost, as not only will it cause red eye but it will also frighten your pet, so any preparation you have already made will be lost.

Try Macro

Dig out that long lens and make your pet the centre of attention. Fill the frame with your pet’s face and get some stunning portraits.


Catch them unaware

It is probably one of the hardest tasks trying to get your pet to stay still when you actually want them to be – which is why it is a good idea to photograph them when they’re surprised. Call or whistle at them and in the few seconds that you have their attention, make sure you get that snap!

Take more than one

If your pet is doing something that you just have to photograph, then get down close to them and just keep taking photos one after the other. Your pet may become impatient and move around a lot, but keep persisting and you will get the most unexpected and best photos of it.

Baby Alfie

Be patient

Trying to get a perfect picture of your pet isn’t something that is going to come after your first try – it demands a lot of patience. Once you start taking a few snaps, your pet will eventually calm down and that will be the perfect time to try and get that one flawless shot.

Be experimental

If you have gone to the trouble of setting up a photo session, be sure to make the most of it. Experiment with different angles and approaches, take loads of different shots, and you’ll be sure to have one truly outstanding photo.

dog photo in bubbles © Jessic Keating Photography

© Jessica Keating Photography

If your pet is dark-coloured

It’s pretty hard getting that perfect shot when your pet has dark fur. But finding a complimentary background for your pet is one easy option to help with this – try to make it as light and bright as possible, so all the attention is drawn to your pet.

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