How to take great photos of pets

Everyone’s favourite furry face deserves a little time in the spotlight too! Dogs, cats, guinea pigs…micro pigs – now’s their time to shine! Animals might not be the easiest to snap (who wants to stay in one spot for more than a second anyway?), but we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you capture those cute candids without having to hire a professional pet photographer.

1. Avoid the flash

This one is key, as not only will flash scare your pet, it will also give them a look of manic possession (we’re sure a cat with red eyes is not quite the cute candid you were after!). To ensure your photo is well lit, try to take it during the daytime, preferably outside in the natural light. This will give the photo a more natural look and show off their true colours. If you can’t get outside or it’s dark, warm toned lights will give a similar effect.

If your beloved pet has black fur, it’s even more important that you turn the flash off to avoid flashback. Their glossy fur will reflect the light, making the photo feel unnatural.

2. Use burst

Especially important if you can’t get them to sit still for more than a few seconds, although we recommend treats for those with itchier feet! The fast shutter speed of burst mode will enable you to take multiple shots in one go, or in one ‘burst’. Once you’ve taken your shots, you can review them and, fingers crossed, you’ll have more than one non-blurry one. And if not, you can simply pass it off as an action shot!

3. Get on their level

That’s right, it’s time to become your pet. Walk like them, talk like them, think like them – although chewing everything in sight might be a step too far…

Getting closer to them will help you get a better shot. Taking a photo from above will make it harder to capture them and you’ll also have them at a strange angle, whereas taking the photo at their eye level will allow you to capture them head on.

4. Catch a candid

Whether they’re snoozing in the sun or hiding in the bushes, capturing a candid of them is not only easier, but also a great way of showing their character.

5. Capture them in action

Capture their true personality and capture them doing what they love best. Whether they’re running into the sea, chasing after a ball, or trying to catch a bird, you’ll be able to see a little bit of their character every time you look at the photo.

6. Capture their funniest faces

You know the ones we mean – their upside down sleeping face, their peering into your face face, the “WHERE’S my food?” face – they all make great shots, and they’re sure to make you smile for years to come. Plus, it’s easier to snap them when they want something!

7. Add your favourite people

So you’ve got your favourite furry person, but what about your favourite person person? Taking photos of your pets with people will add a little context to your shot and will help you date it in the future. We love looking back at pictures of puppies with their owners and comparing them with photos of them getting older to see how much both have grown.

And what to do now you’ve snapped that masterpiece? Transform it into piece of art with a Canvas Print, document their growth with a Little Moments Book, or take them with you wherever you go with a Photo Keyring.

Last modified: 40months ago


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