A Guide to Creating Your Perfect Wedding Photo Book

So, you’ve decided to make a wedding Photo Book with us – great choice. Not only can you create a photo album of exceptional quality with extra-thick pages and state-of-the-art photo printing, but we’ve gathered a few more tips and tricks to make it that little bit more one-of-a-kind.

Use Easy Create™

Think of this as your virtual wedding book planner. First, let us know how you’d like your Book to look by answering a few questions. Then, we’ll design a personalised version of your Book by organising, cropping and arranging your photos using a variety of different layouts. After this, you can order your Book straight away or edit as much as you like. Simple!

Borders and backgrounds

Choose a colour story to match the wedding, or keep it white to let the snaps do all the talking. Try adding visual intervals with Opacity; add a backdrop for your snaps by putting a photo on the page and setting the fade levels to mark the mood.


Create a strong narrative of the big day with options for the cover and spine. Captions also add aesthetic appeal through your font choice. Adding text from page to page keeps your reader captivated alongside ceremony imagery (or just capturing Grandma’s drunk dancing and 6am wake-up calls).


Small illustrations are the perfect way to tell a story; not only are they an exciting form of expression to add to the pages but they’re also drawn by us — they’re all unique. Whether you pick watercoloured flowers, four-point stars or clinking champagne flutes, they’ll bring you back to where you once laughed, danced and smiled on the happy day.

Ready to make a Photo Book? Head here now.