We’re checking out the UK’s least romantic cities on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You know, that one day in the year when you’re meant to celebrate your undying love with thoughtful gifts for a significant other?

But let’s be honest. It’s not always quite as lovey-dovey as what you see in the movies, or read on Twitter. For many of us, Valentine’s Day sucks! That one day a year for partners to prove how unromantic they really are…

And us lot at Photobox totally get it. I mean, just looking around the office I can tell there’s plenty of broken hearts here!

So this year we’ve decided to come to the rescue of forgetful Valentine’s flops, by launching a same-day delivery service for the first time in our history. And it’s not just some whacky idea from the marketing team after catching the love bug. It’s a proper service.

On the 14th February, we’ll be trialling the service in the beautiful Essex town of Chelmsford.

If you don’t know much about Chelmsford then check this out. It’s the birthplace of radio. And it was England’s capital for a few days over 600 years ago.

But why trial same-day delivery in Chelmsford, I hear you say?

Well, that’s easy – they deserve it! This week to mark Valentine’s Day we got all scientific and polled 1,500 women in long-term relationships to find out where Britain’s least romantic place is. And yes, you guessed it, Chelmsford came out on top!

Photobox is trialling same day valentines delivery in Chelmsford after it was voted the least romantic place in the UK.

In fact, a staggering 79 percent of women polled in Chelmsford said their partner was not romantic in the slightest, while more than half of the women described their other half as “useless” when it comes to matters of the heart.

But it’s not just Chelmsford that’s home to more heart-flops, than heart-throbs. Blokes from Leeds are not far behind, with seven in ten (70 percent) women from the city complaining that their man is clueless when it comes to wooing the lady in their life.

Check out the full list of the UK’s least romantic hotspots here:

  1. Chelmsford (79%)
  2. Leeds (70%)
  3. Brighton (69%)
  4. Manchester (68%)
  5. Nottingham (67%)
  6. Glasgow (62%)
  7. London (62%)
  8. Newcastle (61%)
  9. Plymouth (61%)
  10. Bristol (49%)

Our #ValentinesRescue service will bail-out customers within a 5m radius of Chelmsford if they order Valentine’s Day Gifts between 8am-2pm on Wednesday 14th February. And we’ll even get their order to them just in time for dinner (pending traffic heartbreak on the M25).

So if you live in Chelmsford and have dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day, email and we’ll reply with a special code for you to place your same-day order.

The Valentine’s service ONLY includes orders on mugs, canvases and desk décor.

Photobox spokesman, Rory Love-Scott said:

“The prospect of a ruined Valentine’s in Chelmsford really pulled at our heartstrings, so it made total sense to trial a same-day delivery service there.

Hopefully, we’ve sent hearts racing for a few customers who have dropped the ball this Valentine’s Day.”

The study also revealed:

  • Seven in ten females have no faith in their partner and said he will most likely buy something last minute for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day
  • On average blokes are set to spend £24.70 this year and women will splash out just a pound more on the man in their lives at £25.70
  • Nearly two-thirds of women have never received a love letter from their other half, seven in ten have never received a heartfelt poem – and four in ten have never even been brought breakfast in bed
  • Of the women studied, four in ten said their husband or partner didn’t like anything soppy, while 35 percent complained their other half was embarrassed to show his emotions
  • 20 percent of women are dreading Valentine’s Day this year as their friends’ husbands are so much more romantic than their own.

If the service proves a hit we hope to roll it out nationwide for other celebratory occasions.

So there you have it. Even if we save a few broken hearts this Valentine’s Day, it’s job done!

Last modified: 15months ago

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