DIY: Spell it out this Valentine’s Day

We’ve come up with a crafty Valentine’s Day project that will leave your one and only with no question about how you feel about them – and for the unorganised amongst you, it can be finished off in only a few hours and looks much better than a bunch of flowers from the petrol station (if we do say so ourselves).

To make a DIY Valentine’s Day Letter, you’ll need…

  • Large letter of your partners initial, we chose an unpainted wooden version from The Wooden Letters Company, but using thick cardboard will work just as well
  • PVA Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Photo prints – from couple selfies to places you’ve visited together
  • Travel tickets, maps, cinema tickets etc

Step 1:

Rip a few newspaper pages up into small sections and begin to glue and cover your wooden letter. This will give your prints and other bits and bobs a better base to grip on to. Alternatively, if you’re feeling really fancy, you could use coloured card or tissue paper, if you want to leave a few gaps between your prints.

Pop on the kettle, put your feet up and leave to dry.

Step 2:

Once your newspaper-y creation is dry, it’s time to start picking your favourite prints from your selection and adding them to your giant letter.

Arrange your prints on top of the letter, to decide what order you’d like them to go in. Alternatively, you can go for a random ‘grab and stick’ approach, either will work well.

Top Tip: In between the prints, why not add mementos from trips you’ve taken together? This can be anything from a train ticket to a stub from the first film you ever saw at the cinema together.

Or, if you’re planning to take your other half on a special date on Valentine’s Day, you could include some hints and tips on the initial itself…

Step 3:

If there are any edges sticking over the side of the wooden / cardboard letter, trim these off with a craft knife (careful…!) or scissors.

We also added a layer of PVA over the top of our final masterpiece, to add an extra shine and ensure the prints stay stuck down for years to come.

Top Tip: You could use the giant letter as an alternative to a Valentine’s Day card by writing on the back, or go even bigger & add your initial in there, or even spell out their full name (or use a nickname if you date a Charlotte or a Benjamin!)

Is this something you’d try? We’d love to see your attempts in the comments below…Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds! 

Last modified: 19months ago

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