Us-time? Me-time? A Valentine’s Day that looks like you

All the Love Actually fans out there will tell you: there are more than one ways to love, let alone celebrate love. Depending on where you stand in life, your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day changes drastically, but we’ve gathered a few suggestions to honour love with a big L.

Time to say “I love you”

We get it: you’re very shy and corny speeches just aren’t your thing. But deep down, you know that life is too short to have regrets. For you, Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to open up your heart. Why not do it with a personalised card? Because anonymous declarations are easy, but creepy.

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We’re tying the knot this year

After a perfect proposal, you’re now deep into wedding preparations. While that’s sure to keep you very busy, Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to stop and remember why you’re doing all this. Why not print a photo of your engagement on a canvas for your partner? It’s quick and easy to make… and it could be an amazing wedding decoration!

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We’re moving in

You’ve just found your love nest, so why not get your partner a little something for the new home that you’re building? This year, the perfect gift will be a cuddly personalised cushion to put on your brand new sofa. Because that’s already their fave spot at home.

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Call the baby-sitter: let’s focus on us!

You’re now raising children together. While there’s no bigger testament of your love than this amazing family, you enjoy making time just for the two of you. You could organise a dinner date and celebrate your relationship with a throwback Love Book of your best moments as a couple.

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Valentine’s Day? That’s not really us

You’re not so sure whether or not you are the kind of couple that celebrates Valentine’s Day. If you still want to do a little something, go for a Love Mug. Cute and useful, this mini-gift will be perfect for your partner’s morning coffee. Or is it tea?

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Forget Valentine’s! I’m celebrating Galentine’s

For one reason or another, you’re not spending Valentine’s Day with your soul mate. Fancy a little partying? Know that Galentine’s Day (the February equivalent of Friendsgiving) is now a thing. Invite all your best single buddies to a feel-good party and prepare a treat for them to bring home. For example, why not add a portrait of each of them on a personalised Photo Coaster?

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