Trouble picking a Valentine’s gift for that certain someone? Want to ditch the flowers and chocolate and go for something more personal? Our gift guide is the fairy godmother of picking the perfect treat this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts for the ‘honeymoon’ period

Buying the right gift for Valentine’s Day can be tricky but it can be even harder when you’re at the start of your relationship. What do you get a person you’ve only known for a couple of months? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Our gifts are personalised to give them an extra *hint* of sentimentality. Our Little Moments Photo Book is a great ‘first’ Valentine gift – it screams I’ve tried to be cute but not gone all out. With space to add your fave snaps together, take them straight from your camera roll or social media (make sure you’ve gone Facebook-official first). 

If you and your new partner are a bit more PDA, try our Personalised Photo Cushion and stick a selfie on it, just for them. Be loud and proud about your love for them. Or choose a cute couple pic from that road trip you took, it’s up to you. Don’t let this gift fool them though, this isn’t a hint to move in together just yet.

Gifts to say ‘I love you but just as a friend’

Galentines, Palentines or whatever you want to call it, is a great time to tell your friends that you love them (no matter how annoying they get). Instead of getting all soppy and sentimental, celebrate your relationship with your friends – the people who have been there for you (through the good, the bad and the incredibly embarrassing). 

Our Heart Handle Love Mug is the perfect gift, fill it with coffee, tea or something stronger? Get the whole friendship group one and make it a yearly tradition – a toast to friendship. Or if you have *way* too many photos with your mates, put them on our Photo Fridge Magnets to display the highs and lows of your journey together. A little fridge decoration wouldn’t go amiss.

Gifts for the long timers

If you’ve been in a relationship for what seems like years, Valentine’s Day is, well, overrated. You’ve passed the honeymoon phase and now you’re happy just getting a takeaway and watching your favourite documentary… Well, we’re here to boost everyone’s love-o-meter to the max and go all out for Valentine’s even though you’ve been together for years.

Our A4 Lay Flat Silver Halide Photo Book is our highest quality photo book and deserves to be given to someone who will cherish it forever. The silver halide paper makes your favourite photos look incredible and it’ll be like stepping into your relationship story straight from the page. If your partner prefers to show off your relationship in all its glory, try the Collage Canvas Prints for a creative alternative to normal pictures in frames. Pick your fave snaps and arrange them in your very own collage to hang in your home. 

Gifts for the people who don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s

We all know some people who absolutely hate Valentine’s Day, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get them to wear those fluffy, red heart deely boppers. Don’t worry, we’ve got gifts that aren’t directly linked to Valentine’s but still show you care. 

Take our Custom MyUNO Playing Cards for instance. They’re perfect for game nights with friends and family but have that personal twist making them that extra little bit special. Stick your favourite photos on each Action or Wild Card and have the best game of Uno ever, promise.

Staying in and cooking your favourite meal on Valentine’s? We’ve got just the thing – a Personalised Photo Apron. A fun yet personal gift for the budding chef in your life – perfect for keeping clothes protected from spills and bringing the laughs.

Gifts for the long distance lovers

Long distance relationships can be hard, but we’re all for making it easier with the help of our personalised gifts, bringing the two of you closer together. 

Take our Personalised Love Heart Globe: a small but thoughtful gift to let your significant other know that you’re thinking of them. Add your favourite photo inside the globe, give it a shake and watch as the glitter hearts fall around you (like something out of a movie).

Or if your partner is more practical, choose our popular A4 Personalised Wall Calendar and have a different memory for each month of the year. Hang it up near their desk, in their home office or in their kitchen for a little pick me up and a reminder to go to the dentist.

Gift for the kids (let’s not leave them out)

Many parents/grandparents feel guilty for leaving their little ones out of the Valentine’s gift giving so here are a few ideas for small presents to give your kids, just because you love them.

Anything personalised in the eyes of little ones is extra special but we think the Personalised Pencil Case and Personalised Drawstring Bag are the best of the bunch. Not only will they love the personal touch to these gifts but they’re super practical too. 

The pencil case will have them being the ‘coolest’ person in their class. And, for the parents, they’re machine-washable, so the little ones can express their arty side without you worrying about the mess.

Going away and your little one insists on having their own bag? We’ve got you covered, our drawstring bag is perfect for just that. With over 20 background designs to choose from, you and your little one will have fun designing and creating something of their own.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our Valentine’s Day gifts range or our other Valentine’s Day blogs now and spread the love with Photobox.