Six unique Valentine’s Day ideas

Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back with six ideas that will even make St Valentine themselves jealous.

Add your first moments to a photo book

First date, first Christmas together, first holiday… If you and your partner have been together for a while, your camera roll will have seen a lot of special moments.

We reckon it’s time to give all those firsts a home with the A4 Love Photo Book, featuring the very best photo peeking through the cutout on the cover. You can decorate the pages of your book with captions, backgrounds and illustrations detailing each part of your love story.

If you’re short on time, you can also make the creation process nice and quick using Photobox Easy Create – simply upload your snaps and we’ll lay them out for you.

Create a book of memorable messages

Photo books don’t have to just be for photos of people – a fun and unique way to sweep your other half off their feet is to create a book filled with the best DMs and texts you’ve sent each other.

From the swoon-worthy I love you’s, to the hilarious conversations that kept you up at night, to the awkward first greetings on *that* dating app, this is a great way to remember the good times and have a laugh together.

To do this, take screenshots of messages on your phone, crop them in your Photos app, and add them to a Little Moments Photo Book – it’s the perfect little keepsake to sit on your coffee table for spontaneous trips down memory lane.

Put some special words on the wall

Similarly to photo books, our Canvas Prints also don’t just have to be for photos of you two.

Why not upload an image of the lyrics of a song you both love, a quote from the movie you first saw together, your wedding vows, or maybe an inside joke? The right words can *truly* sweep someone off their feet, and it will make for some extra cute home decor.

Brighten their mornings

Does your loved one like to face the day with a tea or coffee in hand? We know the feeling. Why not help put a smile on their sleepy face with a photo that reminds them of the good times you’ve had as early birds, such as a snap from a morning walk or a delicious brunch.

We recommend putting your favourite morning moment on our Heart Handle Mug, with several themes and photo layouts for you to choose from, and of course the special edition heart-shaped handle for a little extra love.

Give your love story a vintage feel

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing cuter than a couple in a photo booth. From the one where you didn’t know it was going to take the picture, to the cosy cuddle, to the “do a silly face”.

If you and your loved one haven’t gotten a chance to get snap happy in one of these old school machines (or if they all come out with someone blinking – a classic dilemma), we’ve got a life hack for you. Simply select the most picture-perfect photos from your camera roll and print them on our Photo Booth Strips. You could even take it a step further with our Magnetic Photo Booth Strips, all ready to be proudly displayed on your fridge.

A top tip is to choose your pictures in a similar theme so your photo booth strip tells a story – maybe your funniest photos together, or memorable moments from your wedding.

DIY date night

If you’re after an *extra* special surprise rather than a solo gift, make your loved one’s heart sing with an evening at home, featuring cooking their favourite meal or ordering your go-to takeaway.

You can also decorate the dining area with Retro Prints of your favourite moments together for an instant romantic touch. Remember to add the hanging kit for a little extra cost, complete with pegs, string and tape to put up your decor.

Feeling inspired? Head to Photobox now and start creating your unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Last modified: 13months ago


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