How to create a special Canvas for a special someone

Thinking of buying a Canvas for a loved one? Make your gift 10 times better by personalising it for them. Here’s how to do it.

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Pick the right style

Let’s start with the basics and choose the right Canvas for the right person.

A gift for someone traditional? Then our Simple Canvas is your best bet. A full-bleed picture, no frills, no extra – just how they like it! Play it extra-safe with the never-fails 40 x 60 cm format (a classic); add a touch of elegance with a white border; or opt for the wow factor with a landscape option.

For the boho souls, try our Collage Canvas and show up to 35 photos at once. This layered look is sure to please their eccentric side. Plus, the bigger the size, the more photos you can display.

But you don’t always have to go big to make someone’s day. Take our Desk Canvas for example. Its small 20 x 20 cm format might well be the perfect choice for the minimalists in your life.

Customise it all

Now that you’ve found the perfect style, you can go all out in making it personal to them.

Start with the frame thickness. Our 1.8 cm Lite option is the most popular. It gives weight to the canvas without it feeling too bulky. But if your loved one has texture walls or a busy wallpaper, the classic 3.9 cm option is best as it will help your creation stand out. (You’ve spent enough time creating it after all!)

Now, unless you’ve gone for a single image, time to think about composition. Opt for a symmetrical layout with a black or white background for a balanced feel or, for something a tad more unconventional, pick an asymmetric look with a colourful background. (We’ve got plenty of options, so even if their favourite is flamingo pink, we’ve got you covered!)

And why not include illustrations to your creation? Flowers, funny moustache, loads of hearts… Let your creativity run wild with our Collage Canvas. You can add text too – perfect to fill in those speech bubble illustrations with love messages (or embarrassing thoughts).


If you have a little time on your hands, why not add the finishing touches yourself? It’ll make your gift even more personal (and truly impress your loved ones).

Let’s start super easy with a tube of super glue. Remember that ballet competition picture your youngest one is so proud of? Print it on a Simple Canvas then glue a piece of tulle just where the tutu is for a stand-out 3D effect.

If you’re a little crafty, try embroidery. It’s an easy way to add pattern and texture to your creation. Pick a photo of your BFF. Make sure they’re wearing a recognisable item (like a pair of sunglasses, a hat or a cap). Print it in black and white and get threading, focusing on the one item. You can do lines, flowers or random shapes – anything goes…

Add magic to your canvas with a small fairy light garland! Print an outdoor picture, make a few small holes where the sky is and gently insert the LED lightbulbs. That’s your own starry night sorted. Another trick? Use fluorescent paint to draw glow-in-the-dark ghosts and dazzle your kids at Halloween. Boo!

There you have it, the perfect formula for a personalised canvas. We hope you feel inspired to create that very special gift for that special someone (because they mean a lot to you and not just because you want to redecorate their living room).

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