Mother’s Day gifts from toddlers and kids

They say it’s the thought that counts, and that’s never more true than on Mother’s Day (no one else would smile at a mish mash of play-doh the way a Mum does!). But this year, why not help the kids graduate from glitter glue and crayons to a personalised gift that mum will love and use for years to come? We’ve rounded up our favourite, easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts for kids that are perfect for babies, toddlers and big kids to create!

1. All her favourite faces, all in one place

Surprising her with a Canvas of all her favourite faces is a great idea, but when you’ve got kids, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one photo of their angelic faces (or just one of their funny faces)! That’s why we love our Collage Canvas – you can add up to 35 different photos, meaning you’ve got space for all your favourites. And the best part? It’s super easy to create! 

Let the kids pick all their favourite snaps – ones they’ve posed for or even ones they’ve taken themselves – and upload them to your Collage Canvas. Then let them get creative with the layout, all at the click of a button.

Or, if you’re after more of a craft project, why not transform all their super-cute scribbles? Scan the endless doodles you’ve got dotted around the house, upload them to the Canvas and voila! A homemade Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to last.

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2. Breakfast is served

A little girl bringing her mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day

Every child loves getting hands-on in the kitchen, and everyone (mother or not) loves breakfast in bed, so now’s the perfect time to combine the two. This one might be a little easier with older kids, but as long as you’re prepared for a clean-up operation, you’re good to go.

Let the kids come up with the breakfast menu (nutella and banana pancakes anyone?), decorate the breakfast tray with some tissue paper flowers, and top it all off with an extra large mug of tea for a wake up she’ll never forget.

3. Did somebody say tea?

No breakfast in bed would be complete without a little caffeine, and our Colour Bright Mug is the loveliest way to serve it (it’s also a great gift idea for Mum!). The kids can choose their favourite colour to decorate the inside of the Mug, and their favourite snap to decorate the outside. They can choose from different themes, add their own cute captions and change the background patterns too! 

If you’re looking for more of a handmade gift, literally, why not decorate the Mug with their handprints? Handprint crafts are always a hit with Mums and it’s sure to make the Mug even more special. Simply, print their little hand onto paper using a coloured paint, scan in the print, upload it to the Mug and you’ve got a handmade gift she’ll love.

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4. Fun for all the family

A gift you can give Mum that’s also fun for the whole family? Sorted. Our Photo Jigsaws are the perfect way to enjoy a little family time. Plus, they’re super cute and super simple to make! Made from recycled, extra-strong card and available in 49, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 pieces, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained come rain or shine (but especially rain). 

Whether the kids create their own drawing or you upload a smiley snap of them, Mum’s sure to love putting it back together, piece by piece. 

Our favourite photo to put on a Jigsaw? The family pet, of course! (You know he’s everyone’s favourite…).

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5. Turn back time on family moments

Relive Mother’s Days past with our Retro Prints. Let the kids pick out their favourite pictures of Mum, whether it’s before they were born or after. Then, get creative! They can string the Prints up around the house for a Mother’s Day morning surprise.

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6. Perfect for the bookworm

If you’re treating her to a new book this Mother’s Day (and a few moments of peace and quiet), she’ll need a unique bookmark to go with it! Our Photo Strips are the perfect size to slot between the pages so she’ll never lose her place again. You can add up to four photos and also add a caption to the bottom of it. Why not take four silly snaps of the kids, each with a different pose, for a mini photo booth moment?

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7. Tell her story

For a bedtime story she’ll love to read, tell her story! The kids can pick out their favourite moments of Mum, or their favourite doodles and drawings, and pop them into this handy, pocket-sized Book – it’s almost like scrapbooking. Our Little Moments Book has 24 pages, so they’ll need to choose 24 photos to perfect it. They can get creative with the background themes and colours, and even add their own cute captions.

This fun craft is easy even for little hands, and is a keepsake that she can look back through and enjoy for years to come.

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8. Get painting

Father and son working on art

Searching for an easy Mother’s Day craft? Why not pop down to your local pottery studio and get creative with the kids. Whether they choose a mug, teapot or plate, it’s sure to be something Mum will get plenty of use out of, and it’ll make her smile every time she sees it! They can decorate it using their fingertips, their handprints, noses, elbows…it’s bound to get a little messy!

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