8 halloween activities for kids

Trick or treating

It’s the ultimate activity to do on Halloween, right? As the nights get darker, pull out the dress-up box and see what costumes the little ones can wear. A vampire, a mummy or even a cute pumpkin, these costumes *need* to be snapped and turned into photo gifts to share with all the family. Typically, trick or treating happens on 31st October, but why wait ‘til then? Visit friends or family in the weeks leading up to Halloween to show off the kids’ costumes.

Remember, when trick or treating, keep your kids safe by going in groups, visiting familiar households or going earlier in the evening.

Sending some spooky in the mail

If some of your family members live across the country or even the globe, why not send them a special greetings card to mark the occasion? Pop a spooky photo on the front and get the little ones to decorate it, cobwebs and all – it’ll make the perfect afternoon of Halloween crafts with the kids and it’s such a lovely thing to do for family near and far.

Pets makes for perfect photos

Proud parent of a cute pup, kitty or… even a lizard? Pets love Halloween too! Why not dress them up and celebrate the spooky season with them? This is another perfect opportunity for filling your camera roll to make a special photo gift. Don’t forget to share your snaps with us on social media, we LOVE dogs in costumes!

Pumpkin carving season

Autumn is the time for getting cosy, going for an afternoon walk and of course, getting creative with pumpkins! Keep the kids entertained with a day out to the pumpkin patch, followed by a crafty Halloween afternoon. There are so many stencil ideas online for you to follow. Plus, haven’t you heard? The latest trend is pumpkin painting! Remember to wear gloves and to watch the little ones around carving tools.

Blood-curdling Halloween bakes

Sometimes, the British weather can let us down. If it happens to be pouring down all day and going outside is out of the question, make it a Halloween baking day at home with the kids. Get your personalised recipe book out or if you haven’t created one yet, discover more here. If you’re really in the Halloween spirit, why not create a personalised apron to kickstart your baking afternoon?

Apple bobbing = the perfect photo opportunity

This year we’re bringing back old traditions with a spot of apple bobbing. Parents and grandparents will remember it from their childhood and it’s such a fun tradition to pass down to the kids. It’s also a great moment to get your camera out and snap some hilariously candid Halloween photos.

A spooky scavenger hunt

If the weather is looking a little dreary, why not turn your living room into a fun scavenger hunt to keep the kids entertained? Hide little Halloween treats in not-so-hard to find places and challenge the little ones to find them all for a prize (you’ll have to think of that). A fun Halloween game for the kids with the perfect opportunity to get some fun photos.

Sharing your spine-chilling moments

With all these Halloween moments, your camera roll must be bursting at the seams, right? Take those snaps and turn them into a photo book, photo mug or even a photo keyring for yourself or a loved one.

For more creative ideas to keep the kids entertained, check out our blog. If you’re wanting to create your own Halloween photo book, click here.

Last modified: 7months ago


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