Halloween party invitations: what to write?

There are pumpkins on the porch, pint-sized poltergeists and mini monsters roaming the streets and your favourite scary movie playing on TV. That’s right, it’s that time of year again: Halloween!

Organising a Halloween party can be pretty scary, even down to the wording of your invitations. But never fear (save that for the trick or treaters!) because we’ve got loads of tips for you to make the best Halloween invitations ever!

To dress up, or not to dress up, that is the question

The one thing that everyone really, really wants to know is the dress code, chiefly, whether they’ll get to dress up or not. From glammed-up ghouls to zany zombies, we’ve all got a tried-and-tested Halloween costume we love pulling out from the back of the cupboard.

You’ll save yourself from lots of repetitive questions by stating your question policy in bold, bold letters right at the top of your invite. In our estimable opinion, your spooky soiree isn’t really complete without a few skeletons hanging out in the kitchen. Remember to let your guests know whether it’s optional or not, after all, no-one wants to be the one who didn’t get the memo!

The devil is in the details

This is the boring bit, but you’ve got to make sure that your guests know all the obvious stuff:

  • Where the party’s being held
  • The date of your party
  • What time they need to show up

There’s nothing worse than sending out a batch of invitations, only to realise that you’ve missed out one crucial bit of information, so make sure that you proofread your invites thoroughly before you send them off!

Bring your own boos?

Remember to let your guests know whether they’re expected to bring anything with them – outside of their charming personalities, of course! From drinks to snacks (themed, obviously), it’s always great when the guests help to share the load, so don’t forget to let them know what they’re expected to bring with them.

Perilous puns and venomous visuals

There’s nothing wrong with introducing a few gags (the more cringe-inducing the better, if we’re completely honest) to your Halloween invites. Just make sure that the jokes aren’t getting in the way of the deets, and you should be completely fine.

It’s also worth adding a few images to your invitations – whether you’re designing them by yourself or using a pre-prepared template, there are loads of ways that you can make your invitations stand out from the crowd.

RSVPs, yes please!

Really Scary Vampire People? Relentlessly Sadistic Violent Psychopaths? Raging Swarms of Vicious Pygmies? Nope! Répondez s’il vous plaît! There’s nothing worse than sending out a whole load of invitations and not having any idea of the final head count (no pun intended, promise!).

Make sure that your guests know exactly how to let you know they’re coming, and the date that they need to let you know by. This way, you’ll avoid over/understocking on all those spooky snacks you’ve no doubt been eyeing up.


Here’s a couple of examples to get you started with your invitations:

  1. Simple:

Ghosts and ghouls, listen up!

You’re invited to our seriously spooky Halloween bash –

Costumes required!

31st October


10 Normal Street, Plainsville, Nowhere


Please RSVP by 28th October!

  1. Punny:

Creep it real this Halloween

and come to our boo-tiful party!

Costumes are optional

When? 31st October

What time? Eight till late

Where? 10 Normal Street, Plainsville, Nowhere


(PS. Don’t be goblin all our food up, please bring drinks + snacks)

  1. Classic:

Join us (if you dare) for a Halloween party

31st October at nine o’clock

10 Normal Street, Plainsville, Nowhere

RSVP by 25th October

No costumes needed, BYOB!

Time to start crafting your own Halloween party invitations. Remember, getting them personalised is a great way of making your party stand out from the crowd! Got any more top tips for Halloween invites? Let us know down below!

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