9 Halloween activities for kids (from spooky food to glitter slime)

With half term nearly over, here’s how to keep the kids busy this Halloween. Unless you’re one of those mythical mothers who’ve tricked their kids into thinking carrot sticks are a snack, there’s a post-sweetie meltdown heading your way. First up, ways to lessen the sugar-crash, then a few ideas to channel all that excitement:

1. Cook ghoulish grub together

Try filling them up on some spooky savouries first. If they help make it, they’re much more likely to eat it. Go all out and make spider pizzas. Or just get the kids to add some olive or salami spider bodies to premade pizzas. You make the legs with sliced peppers or olives.

2. Eat eyeball pasta

Again the kids can help with eyeball pasta. Cook the pasta and any tomato-based sauce. These highly-effective eyeballs are mozzarella balls stuffed inside hollowed out cherry tomatoes, with a dot of basil for each pupil.

3. Make banana ghosts

Super simple (and tastes like ice cream). Melt 200g white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Even the littlest of hands can help cutting bananas in half and poking in lolly sticks, then dipping them in the melted chocolate and sprinkling over some desiccated coconut. Lay on a tray covered with baking parchment. Make ghostly eyes and mouths from chocolate drops. And freeze for at least 4 hours.

4. Pimp your pumpkin

There are loads of great free printable pumpkin carving designs online. Or you could just let the kids design their own (even if you end up doing the actual carving). The scooping is messy and takes a while; it’s a great kid job.

Why not give your pumpkin a ’do? Carve a face and then pop in a pot of ivy or grass for a green-haired masterpiece.

5. Try alternative pumpkins

If your little ones aren’t quite up to pumpkin carving yet, let them draw some spooky faces on tangerines with black pen. They might even be persuaded to ingest some vitamin C amid the buckets of sweets.

6. Haunt your fridge

There’s few things cuter than your little monsters dressed as ghouls. And, for once, it’s easy to get them to pose (so much bribery potential in all those sweets to come!). Afterwards, how about making some spooky Magnets? Add the best pics of everyone’s costumes and create your own haunted fridge.

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7. Create Halloween slime!

An absolute winner, quick to make and you’ve hours of fun playing with it. Slime is great any time but add some green food colouring and glitter and you’ve nailed Halloween. You could even fill jam jars and add googly eyeballs for a cool (sugar-free) Halloween treat.

8. Do the fizzy eyeball science experiment

Can Halloween be educational? If you try B-Inspired Mama’s toddler science then most definitely yes. Messy but brilliant fun – which toddler doesn’t want to play with fizzy eyeballs?

9. Share the treats

This year, don’t let your grumpy neighbour and the nice lady two doors down be the only ones to appreciate all the effort you put into the kids’ costumes. Let the kids choose their best photo, create an Enamel Mug and fill with sweets. Even if Nan couldn’t be there on the night, she’ll feel like she was.

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