Keep your toddler entertained this Easter

When the Easter rolls around, chances are your kids have lots of time on their hands. Check out our top 10 Easter ideas for kids, so you can keep your little ones entertained throughout the holidays!

Make bunny ears

Everyone loves the Easter bunny, right? He’s cute and he’s always kitted out with plenty of chocolate: what’s not to love? Well, why not make a pair of Easter bunny ears with your toddler, so they can play dress-up as their favourite fictional bunny, at least when Bugs isn’t around! It’s the perfect Easter craft idea for kids.

Easter egg hunt

What could be better than a hunt for chocolate? A small-scale Easter egg hunt in your garden could be the perfect Easter idea for kids, giving them the chance to have fun and burn some energy in the process! Whether you get them to make the clues or paint the eggs, the Easter egg hunt is one of the most iconic elements of any Easter, so your kids are sure to love helping out!

Make a chick

Do your kids love stuffed animals? Why not engage your child’s creativity by getting them to make one of their own? By using pom-poms, googly eyes, felt and wire, they can make a cute chick that’ll sit on their drawers or bedside table, making this one of the perfect Easter ideas for toddlers.

Bunny piñata

By making a bunny piñata – filling it up with plenty of sweets and choccies – you can bring a certain sweetness to your toddler’s Easter. It’s the perfect centrepiece for an Easter party, and your toddler will love every moment of making it. It’s made exactly like a regular piñata, only it’s shaped like a bunny!

Easter tree

Instead of leaving your Easter eggs in their boring packaging, why not make a tree for Easter. Then, when the special day comes around, your kids can have fun plucking their chocolatey treats of the tree that they made themselves. Take a branch, tie up your eggs with ribbons and hang them from the tree: simple. It’ll look great in your living room, and it’s a great Easter craft idea for children who like exercising their creative muscles.

Easter bunny tail

For little ones who love Easter, an Easter bunny tail might be the perfect craft project to work on during Easter. All you need is wool, cardboard, scissors and a safety pin for this Easter idea for toddlers to go off without a hitch!


Making an Easter-themed calendar can be a great Easter craft idea for kids. Take some photos (of eggs, bunnies or any other classic Easter images) and make a personalised calendar that they’ll cherish throughout the year.

Easter basket

There are lots of Easter basket ideas for toddlers to explore. Whether you’re decorating it with painted chocolate eggs or Easter rabbits, it’s a great way for children to flex their artistic spirits. Give them the raw materials and see what they come up with. It’s a great way to while away a few hours of the Easter holidays.

Easter hat

Take a jazzy hat, glue a couple of chicks to it (plus whatever else your child wants) and you’ve got a snazzy Easter parade hat for your child to enjoy. After a quick trip to the supermarket, you’ll have all the supplies you need, making this an Easter craft idea for kids that’s easy to set up.

Easter terrarium

Quick and easy to make, you can add some Easter spice to any terrarium by decking it out with craft rabbits or chocolate eggs. All you need are pebbles, a glass container, plants, moss, rocks and Easter themed decorations, and you’re good to go!

Got any other great Easter craft ideas for kids that we might have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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