4 simple DIY Easter decoration ideas

Happy easter! A mother, father and their daughter painting Easter eggs. Happy family preparing for Easter.

This Easter, bring something new to the table. Surprise your guests with fun Easter decorations all over the house, for adults and children alike. We promise they’re easy to create and fun to do! Trust us, you don’t need to be a crafty pro to make these this spring.

Idea 1: All your (Easter) eggs in one basket

Brighten up your table with a basket full of hand-painted Easter eggs. Choose a theme or go crazy with your paintbrushes. If you didn’t do this with your family as a child we will give you a quick run-through below.
Firstly, buy a dozen eggs (better to have too many in case a couple break in the process). Then, pierce the top and bottom ends of the egg; use your mouth to blow out all contents of the egg. You may want to use the egg whites & yolks to make eggs for breakfast. Let eggshells dry overnight.

Children painting easter eggs

Make sure you have: a cup of water, various sizes of paintbrushes and paint (preferably water-based). Choose your colour schemes, maybe black and gold for a chic look or use soft, pastel tones (pink, blue and pale green) to bring calm to the room. Use a bowl or a wicker basket, fill with coloured tissue paper or grass from the garden and place your hand-painted eggs inside.

Idea 2: Hooray for Easter bunting!

Easter themed home-made rabbit bunting

Step 1: Find silhouettes for all things Easter related: eggs, rabbits, chickens, whatever you like.
Step 2: Use a pencil to trace the silhouettes onto thicker, coloured card (pick this up from any stationery shop. Do this carefully and cut your shapes out using a pair of scissors.
Step 3: Using the tip of the scissors, form a small hole at the top of each shape you have cut out. Make sure the hole is always at the same height as the others.
Step 4: To create your bunting, simply choose string of your choice to thread through each hole.
Voila, hang them on the wall, at your entrance or even over the mantelpiece!

Get these just right and you can bring them out every year.

Idea 3: Create tiny, one-flower vases using eggshells

Create an adorable mini vase, big enough for one flower. All you need is an egg. Simple right? This really is minimum effort for maximum effect.

Break the egg 1/3 of the way down the egg. Empty the egg white and yolk and keep the bigger, bottom half of the egg. Gently clean under hot water and dry off with kitchen roll. Keep them their natural colour or paint them using paint and paintbrushes.
Fill eggshells halfway with water. Pick a single flower to put into each egg vase. Finally, place them back into their original box. Don’t forget to cut off the lid of the box if it has one.

Your friends will be gasping at their cuteness!

Egg shells used as vases for flowers

Idea 4: Make a personalised Easter card

Celebrate Easter as you would Christmas or a birthday. Find your favourite family photos and put them on a personalised card to wish all your friends and family a happy Easter. We have many designs to create the perfect card for you, simply go to our website to find out more.

Get creative this Easter and try one of these out!

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