Top 10 cheap and cheerful Christmas decorating ideas

1. Salty snow

An impressive snowy display can be achieved for next to nothing at all. All you need is some Epsom salt, a few empty jars and some votive candles. Pour in your salt, nestle your candle safely in the centre, and voila, a festive lantern complete with snow that took pennies to make and seconds to assemble!

2. Piercing Displays

Take one orange, a handful of cloves and stab them into the skin in a festive manner. Opt for modern lines, Christmas swirls, you can even spell out a clove-y message! Complete it with a ribbon for a wonderfully fragrant, fantastically cheap bit of Christmas décor that will give any space a lovely homey touch.

3. Easy Peasy Wreaths

Can’t afford a traditional green wreath? Then do away with tradition and make a paper doily one! Yes, doilies are one of those everyday items that are capable of being a show-stopping centrepiece when given a helping of Christmas creativity.

Take doilies of different sizes, or just carefully cut them to size, and glue them into a wire base, string through some fairy lights for an extra magical touch and in no time at all you’ll have an elegant snowflake wreath to deck the halls with!

4. Stained Glass Biscuits

A family favourite and fully edible too, stained glass biscuits are easy to make and require nothing more than pantry staples. Certain to be a winner with kids looking to be entertained, get them making some of these pretty little biccies and string them up on the tree or in the window.

Obviously, these decorations have an expiry date, but we’re sure sneaky little hands will be plucking them off the tree long before then!

5. Paper chains

The classic, the timeless, the cheap – paper chains are a great way to spruce up rooms and keep little ones busy. Use Christmas wrapping paper, coloured paper, festive foil paper, or, for an eco alternative, just get creative on any old letters or documents due for recycling with a handful of glitter and helping of paint – the great thing about paper chains is that they can be any colour, design and size you want!

Make them extra special and have your kids write their Christmas wishes on each ring before you form the chain, when the time comes to take them down you can see how many came true!

6. Festive Portraits

Christmas decorations aren’t the cheapest of things, especially as they can only be used once a year. Our advice? Get some more permanent wall décor that can last all year but really come into their own at Christmas! A family shot at winter, a frosty landscape or a family pet frolicking in the snow, these images are timeless, enjoyable in any season but still a fantastic christmas decoration when December rolls around!

7. String and things

String is a magical tool when used right. Run it through PVA glue and wrap it around a small balloon, when it’s dry and the balloon is popped you’ll have a chic twine ball ready to string up and add to your tree. Have an old star that is no longer quite fit for the top of your tree? Do the same thing but carefully wrap it from top to toe for a whole new surface and texture, add a touch of spray paint, you’ll have a revived, rustic-feeling star that can proudly crown your Christmas tree!

8. Multi-purpose Presents

We put so much effort into carefully wrapping our gifts in pretty paper and ribbons, and for what? To be hidden under the tree! For a decorating tip that costs literally nothing at all, take all those presents you’ve got waiting under the tree and use them as decoration! Whether it’s a pristinely packaged show-stopping present or some of your more cheerfully cheap Christmas gifts, they look just as great all wrapped up and on display.

A parcel on the hallway chair, a gift on the coffee table, a present tucked away on a bookshelf – there’s no better symbol of Christmas, so get your presents on show!

9. Festive treats

It’s that time of year again, boxes of chocolates and sweets coming from friends, colleagues, neighbours, long-lost relatives. You might be used to throwing them into a cupboard to be broken into at some point during the holidays, but why hide away these prettily wrapped treats?

Pour them into little glass bowls and leave them around the house, add a spare bauble to give them a more festive vibe, or aim to put them near fairy lights, the foils and shiny wrappers will look extra lovely under the festive lights.

10. Twinkly twigs

If a family walk is firmly a part of your festive calendar, then make the most of them. Keep an eye out for sticks or twigs that might look pretty as decorations. Keep things natural and bundle them together with a bit of festive ribbon, or get more creative and give them a coat of gold or silver spray paint.

Throw some fake snow or white glitter at them for some sparkle, display them in a pretty vase and dangle a few baubles off them for the finishing touch!

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