6 crafty ways to upgrade your advent calendar

Easy ideas to make December even more fun. Say no to cheap chocolate blobs or overpriced mini-gins. And yes to advent calendars that you and the kids can make together.

1. Fill envelopes with festive fun

This is simple, you just fill 24 envelopes with fun activities to do together, things like ice skating, writing a letter to Santa, or making popcorn for a Christmas movie. Pin envelopes to a pinboard (4 across, 6 down fits nicely). Or stick to the wall with washi tape, in the shape of a Christmas tree.

If you pick the activities together, there’s anticipation all the way up to the big day (‘hang up stocking’ can be the last activity). Rather than a 12-second sugar rush each morning.

2. Create our NEW Advent Calendar
(it’s homemade with hardly any effort)

If you still want that homemade, family feel but don’t have much spare time, you’re not alone. Check out our first Personalised Advent Calendar. All you need to do is add your favourite photo to the front. Plus as it comes filled with Lindt Lindor chocolates, it’s a definite kid-pleaser.

Shop Personalised Advent Calendar

3. Make a tree cone forest

Super simple, this Christmas Forest idea from Earnest Home Co, uses paper cones which hide a treat on your mantelpiece and looks lovely too. You could reuse party hats, for an even easier version.

4. Bake a gingerbread advent calendar

This recipe for a gingerbread advent calendar from Butcher Baker Baby gives you a fun activity to do with the kids at the start of the month and it’s entirely recyclable (mainly because you’ll munch through all those biscuits). The only issue will be your self control.

5. Print a free monochrome box calendar

This printable box calendar looks ultra stylish and it’s black and white boxes won’t kill all your printer ink. Hey Look! Give you the design free so all you do is fold up the boxes and fill them with treats.

6. Make an advent calendar in a jar

Yes this handy space-saving advent calendar in a jar lets you pull out a fun activity to do each day.

So, how crafty are you feeling this year? Baking, making or creating – we’d love to see how your celebrating. Head over to Facebook to share yours.