Many happy she-turns: Birthday gifts for her

Here’s our guide to thinking outside the gift-wrapped box and finding birthday gifts for her that she’ll completely love:


Step one should be research. Most birthday girls and boys will start dropping hints a few weeks before their birthday, but don’t be afraid to confer with her friends and family to get a better understanding of what she wants. This’ll give you lots of good birthday gift ideas, and also stop you from accidentally buying the same thing as someone else.

If she really likes or wants something, she’s probably done what we all do – lament our lack of it on social media. Check her Facebook or Instagram, chances are she’s liked or shared plenty of links for things that have taken her fancy.

Woman holding a gift box in a gesture of giving

Scavenger hunt

It’s the thought that counts, and nothing requires as much thought as a scavenger hunt. The gifts can, and probably should be, small so you can hide them around the house, they can lead up to a big present if you like, but the care and effort you have clearly put into the whole thing counts as a gift all by itself.

You can go the traditional route and leave her clues or riddles to follow, text her clues throughout the day (why not slip on a personalised case as present number 1?), or just play this game on easy and leave a trail of flower petals, balloons or glitter (so long as you don’t mind hoovering it up!).

The real beauty of this one is that when it comes to the actual birthday gifts, the ideas are all there for you, just follow the cues in each room. If your trail leads to the bathroom, leave the latest eyeshadow palette from the brand she uses in the cabinet. Go to the bedroom and leave a new bottle of the perfume she loves but is running low on by the dressing table. Head to the kitchen and have a pretty new mug, try a personalised one, waiting with her morning cuppa in it.

Handy handmade gifts

Nothing quite matches the charm of a hand-made gift. This is really where ‘it’s the thought that counts’ comes in, because they rarely come out perfect! Especially ideal for mothers, handmade gifts are a cute reminder of when you were little and would present her with the same thing, who knows, maybe your skills haven’t improved at all, but the sentiment is exactly the same.

If arts and crafts really isn’t your thing, then a personalised gift is the next best thing, it’s still especially crafted for her, even if it’s from someone else’s hands!

fresh pink tulips with a gift box


Ok, this may be the most cliché one of all, but every woman deserves flowers on their birthday. If your birthday girl is more of the practical type, opt for a pretty pot plant that will last for much longer than her birthday week.

Succulents are super trendy and look fabulous in a terrarium, you can even make one up yourself for a totally personalised gift. Not only are they a pretty birthday present, but a fashionable accent for modern interior design in any room. You can even beautify it yourself with a touch of glitter and a bow or two.


It’s a gift people just don’t think of much of the time, but who doesn’t like having an annoying task being knocked off their list? While you’re hanging up balloons, banners and ribbons to make the house celebration-worthy, why not add something a bit more permanent? If you know she’s been meaning to get a side table for that lamp she’s currently balancing on a box, go ahead and buy one.

Maybe she needs cushions for the sofa, a new radio in the bathroom or it could be that she just doesn’t have the glassware or crockery needed to host all her friends round for a party – so why not just deck out the place with gifts that will make her life easier every day of the year? When it comes to prettying up the house, retro prints make for fantastic features when displayed in any room, and what better way to celebrate her birthday than celebrating her?

Feeling inspired for your next gift-giving bonanza? With a little bit of care, love and attention, you can find a gift that makes her heart beat that little bit faster!

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