Man-y happy returns: Birthday ideas for him

Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, a family member or just a friend, planning the perfect birthday or coming up with gift ideas for him need not be a task full of stress. Often, keeping things simple can lead to an unforgettable day. So, read on for our advice on how to make his birthday a straightforward, yet memorable occasion!

Step 1: Cake

There’s no better way to a man’s heart than through his stomach, and it also holds true that everyone deserves some cake on their birthday. Check out these birthday cakes for him if you’re short of ideas, just be careful not to overindulge while you’re at it.

Don’t forget that homemade baking is a gesture that’s always appreciated. This way, you’re also able to customise your cake in a more interesting manner. Why not try spelling out his name or add a favourite saying in the frosting? We have one final tip for the birthday cake, if he’s turning an age he doesn’t really find too favourable, don’t remind him of that number by sticking dozens of candles into his cake!

Step 2: The location

Ok, perhaps this step should have come before cake on the list, but we just couldn’t resist. In any case, the location you choose for his birthday celebration is of the utmost importance. This is not to say that you have to spend wads of cash to take him somewhere far away or abroad, his favourite place may just be at home, a nearby restaurant/bar or down by the river. It’s more about who you spend a birthday with, and most people prefer to be with their closest friends and family.

You can always make the gathering extra special by keeping it a secret! Often thought of as cliché, the surprise party can still be an effective choice for the right type of person.

Once you’ve arranged the location of choice, getting your birthday boy to go there without him catching on is a whole other dilemma. One good way to avoid this situation is the diversion technique, take him to see a movie or go for a meal alone first, then head to your surprise venue. Or, alternatively, throw a smaller surprise party a few days before which is purposefully less impressive than your real one, sneaky!

Step 3: The birthday card

Don’t make that classic mistake of leaving your card until the last minute. The difference between a birthday card that gets discarded the week after it’s given and one that is kept and cherished for years is how heartfelt the gesture is. Sure to impress, there are plenty of DIY birthday card tutorials out there. Have a look around and get some ideas.

Step 4: Decoration

If you choose an indoor, or even outdoor venue for his birthday party, make sure to decorate it accordingly. You can choose from various themes, just be sure that it’s something he’s into! One fun idea could be to make your decorations a treasure trail leading to the reveal of his main gift.

Step 5: The all-important gift

Buying the right gift is usually the most difficult part of the birthday planning process. Some people choose to opt out with a voucher for a bland high street shop. Not us. The most inspiring, joy-bringing gifts are the ones that have been personalised to really speak to him. Anyone can buy another action movie DVD as a present, but these birthday gifts for him will actually set you apart from the crowd.

If you combine your homemade cake with a surprise party and complete it with a photo card, phone case or canvas piece displaying your favourite picture together, you’re sure to come up tops on his list of most memorable birthdays.

We’re sure whatever you do for that special someone on his birthday, they’ll appreciate it. Just remember, personalisation is the key to something really memorable!

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