Lockdown birthday gifts they will love

What’s worse than being sick on your birthday? It’s having it during a pandemic. That means no friends around, no parties, and candle blowing in front of your screen.

But it doesn’t have to mean you can’t get the kids, friends or yourself something nice.

You could even turn that special day into an opportunity based on the many things we’ve been doing a lot more of recently.

Get them comfy

During lockdown…

We stay home and watch a lot more films and series than usual.

So get them…

Get their evenings sorted with a streaming subscription because fiction, fantasy worlds and extraordinary lives are probably what they need the most right now.


Get them extra sofa comfort with soft, velvety cushions they can crush, bite, or rest on – but not at the same time! A fluffy friend that feels no pain is the next thing they will need during this long haul flight to destination unknown. Nerve-worthy! Binge-wracking!

Let's make them Personalised Cushions

Get them crunching pages

During lockdown…

The pleasure of reading comes back to our minds, and we pick up that book on the shelf that we’d left a while ago.

So get them…

Many independent bookshops have turned to Instagram Stories to keep you in the know of what’s worth your eye time, and what’s not. See what they recommend, make your pick, and get it to their door in the morning post. You’ve just given their brunch an unexpected turn.


If you choose a book thick enough, get them photo strips to use as a bookmark. The moment just after you stop, or before you start reading again, that strip of paper and the daydreaming it can spark, this is what books are really for.

Let's make them Photo Strips

Get them neighbourly

During lockdown…

We live locally, and by locally we mean on our doorsteps. And sometimes, on our neighbour’s doorsteps, too. But not too close.

So get them…

If it’s your neighbour’s birthday – who knows – don’t throw a street party. Instead, get quick return on investment next time you distance chat to them with a restock of their favourite tea.


You can even go the extra mile, and get them the cup to match. Nothing says tea time like a personalised mug with a rainbow drawing printed on it. Especially now the kids have done half the job for you.

Let's make them a Simple Mug

Get them kitchen safe

During lockdown…

Your local independent greengrocer’s has now turned into a permanent market stall, and they deliver.

So get them…

Get a plentiful basket of garden goodness straight to their chopping board and amaze them with a multitude of shapes and colours. They will be glad you saved them a trip to the supermarket.


We all know cooking causes explosions of stains – most going away in a wash, but some stick around longer than others – and it’s always on that favourite shirt. So help them take the right saucepan distancing measures with an essential apron that keeps the dry cleaner away.

Let's make them a Personalised Apron

Get them refreshed

During lockdown…

More than ever, we need to look after ourselves. Both mentally and physically.

So get them…

If they have now gone gymming in the park more days in a row than ever before, they need to continue. Encourage their little rituals – lifting, running, bending weirdly, and repeating 15 times – with an insulated flask they can use as a prop for abs or as a totem to make the rain stop.


No routine would be complete without a full mind workout. So let them sweat it out on the photo journal, the apparatus that will improve their strength, balance and creativity. Regular, mild intensity daydreaming and doodling will help them lose those few extra thoughts and emerge with a new perspective.

Let's make them a Photo Journal

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