How to create the perfect birthday gift (and become the favourite child)

When I was younger, my dad worked away quite a lot. It was a dark time. A time before the internet. A time before (affordable) long distance calls. A time when, and this one is hard to imagine, Take That had not yet reunited. As such, our communication was a little more old school. No, I’m not talking carrier pigeons and ribboned scrolls, I’m talking about letters, lots and lots of letters. Letters that even now, 20 years later, he still has in a box under his bed.

I think at this point it’s worth mentioning that, age four, my writing skills were questionable. And so mostly, my ‘letters’ were made up of (even more questionable) doodles and portraits. Looking back, I’d liken my skills to those of Picasso as opposed to those of Michelangelo. Worthy of a place in the Louvre, but not quite the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

My dad’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been thinking about what sort of gift would be really special. The kind of gift that would make him smile. The kind of gift that might make him tear up. The kind of gift that would make me look like the infinitely better sibling. (Oh, I went there.)

I could get him some quirky socks, a bar of his favourite chocolate perhaps, frame a picture of the dog… Alas, none of these ideas seemed to fall into the “Best Birthday Gift Ever” category.

Enter my childhood masterpieces.

Last time I visited my parents, I dug out my artwork, snuck it home, and scanned it onto the computer. As you can see, I was pretty talented.

But what to do with it? I could get it printed and framed so that he can hang it on the wall, but most likely, it’ll end up in the downstairs loo, so perhaps not. Instead, I’ve decided to turn it into something a little more useful – a Mug.

I’ve chosen to go with the Simple Mug, as I don’t want anything to distract from the glory of my drawing… and, as the name suggests, it was really simple to make. I simply uploaded my scanned drawing onto the Photobox site, cropped and positioned it to show its best side, and that’s all. One unique birthday gift that’s sure to get used (or at least, not hidden in the loo).

So, there we have it, the perfect birthday gift that’ll bring a smile with every sip!

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