How to craft the perfect birthday message

Lost for words when writing that special birthday message? Can’t seem to get past “Happy Birthday” before the inspiration dries up? We know the feeling. Birthdays are important, and a fun, meaningful message is a great way of showing someone that you care. We’ve compiled a list of birthday messages for a range of different recipients, so no matter whether it’s a sweet sixteen or even an incredible three digits, you’ll never be tongue-tied again!


She’s the lady who gave you everything, so make sure you give her a birthday message for the ages:

  • To the greatest mother in the world, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother. Thank you for being there whenever I’ve needed you and for being the best mother a child could ask for.
  • Dear Mum, I want to take this opportunity on your special day to let you know that without your strength and guidance, I don’t know where I’d be. Have the best day ever!
  • Mum, you’re always taking care of other people, make sure that today of all days, other people are taking care of you!
  • To the best mummy money can’t buy, Happy Birthday!


Whether you’re best buds or polar opposites, your dad’s birthday is the perfect time to tell him what he really means to you:

  • You’re not just my father, you’re my teacher, my friend, my idol. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Getting older? That just means you’re getting more distinguished! Have a great day Dad!
  • Dad, you’re my inspiration. It’s my honour to wish you yet another happy birthday!
  • I hope that when I have a family, I can be half as good a father to my children as you were. Have an amazing birthday!
  • As the years go on I realise more and more what an amazing father you were. Happy Birthday, Dad!


Got one of those friends your life simply wouldn’t be the same without? Let them know with a birthday message:

  • Age is just a number and BFFs are forever – Happy Birthday, Boo!
  • Happy Birthday to my No. 1 Broski!
  • Through thick and thin, rain and shine, you’ve always been there for me. Hope your birthday is as perfect as you are!
  • At what point do friends become old friends? Whenever it is, I can’t wait! Happy Birthday!
  • Have the bestie birthday in the whole wide world!


He’s your number one sidekick, here’s a couple of ideal birthday messages to make his special just a little bit more special:

  • Happy Birthday baby brother, you’re growing up so fast!
  • Hey bro, you’re one year older and not all that much wiser, but that’s why I love you – have a great day!
  • Happy birthday bro – hope your birthday is significantly cooler than you!
  • Hey man, you’re not just the best brother in the world, you’re the best friend in the world too! Have the most amazing day!
  • Wishing the coolest brother the coolest birthday ever!


She might be a brat, she might be the bomb, either way, here’s some great ideas for how to wish her a happy birthday:

  • Hey girl, I’m pretty sure that you were born to party, so . . . drinks later?
  • Sis, I couldn’t do it without you – have a great birthday!
  • Wishing the most adorable sister in the world the best birthday in the world.
  • To my little sister, you’re not that annoying, so have a great birthday!
  • People like you are hard to find. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to look very far! Happy Birthday!


The older you get, the more meaningful a well-written birthday message can be:

  • You might be getting up there in years, but I know you’re forever young at heart – Happy Birthday!
  • To my favourite grandparent, congratulations on your very special day!
  • On your birthday, I just wanted to let you know that you’re the coolest grandparent in the world!
  • Grandparent, you’re one in a billion. Happy, Happy Birthday!
  • Age is just a number, sometimes I feel like you’ve got more energy than me! Have a perfect day!


When sending a birthday message to a boss, it’s probably best to keep your tone warm, but professional. If it’s just a colleague, feel free to be a bit more casual with your message:

  • To the guy who signs my pay checks, what else can I say, except . . . Happy Birthday!
  • You’re a pleasure to work with, and it’s an even bigger pleasure to wish you many, many happy returns!
  • One year older, and one step closer to retirement! Have a great day!
  • To the best co-colleague ever, Happy Birthday!
  • People like you make coming into work a pleasure. Thanks for all that you do, and have a wonderful birthday!

Anyone Else!

Of course, sometimes you just need a catch-all, generic birthday message for anyone and everyone:

  • Dude, you’re the bomb, have the best birthday ever!
  • You’re not just one year older, you’re one year better – have the best day!
  • Hey old-timer, have a great birthday and many happy returns!
  • Hope you have a wonderful day – spend it with the people who mean the most to you!
  • It’s your birthday – Smile!

Feeling inspired? Perfect the art of the birthday card and start sending those winning birthday messages today!

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