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Creating a photo book for someone is pretty exciting (and a very thoughtful gift idea), , but choosing the right one can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  This birthday photo album guide we will go through most of the ‘significant’ birthdays from their very first,to the big 7 0, so you can decide which of our birthday photo books is juuuuust right for you.

Baby’s 1st birthday – one to remember

Forget posting your baby snaps on social media for everyone to see, opt for a personalised 1st birthday book instead to keep the memories special. Celebrate the right way with the My First Photo Board Book for your baby’s 1st birthday. It has all the space to feature snaps of your baby and their first adventures in the world. 

We suggest getting a few for all the family as special gifts or as a keepsake for when the little one grows up. The front cover and spine is customisable so you can be proud of it when it’s sitting on your bookshelves. Plus the hardcover, wipeable pages make this photo book child-friendly and safe for your little one’s hands.

Crack open the champagne –it’s your 18th birthday 

So they’re about to turn the big 1-8 — that means they’re finally an adult. Some say it’s the best age, and the last milestone of childhood. But, what do you get someone special for their 18th birthday? Something totally original, we think.You’re in the right place for personalised 18th birthday gifts to make their day more memorable. A personalised 18th birthday photo album is the ultimate way to show them how much you care, after all, it’s one in a million just like them. 

We’d recommend our A4/A3 Lay Flat Photo Book or the A4 Classic Photo Book as a perfect 18th birthday gift. Crafted with a premium finish, extra-thick paper and lay flat binding, there’s options to personalise the cover and spine with their birthday to mark the occasion. Get them tearing up with photos of their firsts right up to the present day. A great keepsake to look back on their (rather embarrassing) teen haircuts and adorable baby photos. Chances are, they’ve forgotten they used to wear double denim to school.

Your 21st birthday –  (time to get serious) 

21 is a big age, so why not create something unique like a personalised 21st birthday photo album to match the momentous occasion? It’s (usually) this time that they’ll finish university and reap the other 21 benefits (qualifying for a pilot’s license, anyone?). 21st birthday gifts can have all different kinds of meanings; thoughtful, useful, or just something super creative that’s made by you. 

Thoughtful gifts for their special day includes a 21st birthday photo album like our Photo Journal or A4 Classic Collage Photo Book, of their most amazing trips. You never know, you could inspire their next getaway… A 21st birthday photo album can include a lovely memory photo book of all their firsts, toddler snaps and awkward teen years — you’ll love taking a trip down memory lane together, just make sure you bring the tissues. 

It’s your 30th birthday – where has the time gone?

The age where friends are getting married and having kids of their own, so it’s always nice to have something to gift on their birthday. Your camera roll is no-doubt filled with photos from all occasions, so why not pop them in a photo book? Add all your favourite memories together right up until their 30th and give them something special. It’ll take their mind off of actually turning 30.

We suggest the A4 Lay Flat Silver Halide Photo Book. It’s a super premium photo book that screams ‘I’ve actually thought about this present’. With enough space for all your snaps, the silver halide paper is the highest-quality and makes every photo come to life in rich, sharper colour. Get all your friends to contribute to the photo book and fill the 26 pages with unforgettable memories and stories.

Your 50th birthday –you’re not old, you’re wise

50th birthdays are pretty epic and bring up a lot of family memories, which is why you should celebrate with a 50th birthday photo album. Either treat yourself, a friend, or a loved one to a 50th birthday photo album and carry on telling your stories together just like the good ol’ days (they don’t have to end). 

Our A4 Professional Lay Flat Photo Book is perfect for this occasion.t’s the ideal size for all those holiday snaps you’ve been saving to show off to the grandkids. The photo book lays flat so when you’re gathering around the birthday table (preferably eating 50th birthday cake of course), you’re all able to see the high-quality photos in all their glory. Plus it comes with a gift box to keep it safe forever (bonus). 

It’s your 70th birthday (but who’s counting right?)

We’re going all out, it’s a 70th birthday celebration after all. If your grandparents, parents, or friends are turning 70 and you want to surprise them with the perfect gift, this is the one. This 70th birthday photo album is a celebration of their stories to carry on, plus it’s a wonderful keepsake for them too.

Our Square Premium Photo Book ticks all the boxes when it comes to 70th birthday photo albums.t’s high-quality, with enough space for all your photos, and you’re able to customise the cover and backgrounds. Plus, this 70th birthday photo album comes with a luxe soft padded cover for that extra high-quality feel and a gift box to tie it all together when you surprise that special someone.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our photo books range or our other photo books blogs now and celebrate your stories with Photobox.

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