Best 50th birthday gifts ideas

But what do you get someone who’s spent the last 50 years receiving amazing gifts? Hopefully, this guide will help with that dilemma – we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing gift ideas for a 50th birthday party. Whether it’s for a parent, sibling or spouse, you’re sure to find something that suits their personality!

1) Personalised photobook

With so many wonderful memories accrued over 50 years on this planet, what better way is there to celebrate than by displaying them in a stylish photobook. Available in a range of colours and styles, there’s plenty of options available out there, ensuring that you can find the perfect one. This makes a great gift for a spouse, filled photos of the time you’ve shared together that’s sure to bring a tear to the eye, or for a parent, showing your favourite memories of your childhood with them by your side the whole way.

2) Theatre tickets

If you know that your giftee has a flair for the dramatic, a pair of theatre tickets is a great gift idea. Not only will it show that you listen and care about their passions, it’s also a sophisticated present. Finally, there’s so much variety when you choose which tickets to buy; you could take them to their favourite show or try something a little different. Either way, they’re bound to love it.

3) Personalised champagne/wine

What’s a birthday celebration without a glass of champagne? How about a bottle! This classy, crisp beverage has long been a staple of sophistication and decadence, making it an amazing gift for someone who’s aged like a fine wine. But rather than appearing with a basic bottle that you’ve grabbed from the local supermarket, consider giving them a personalised bottle. Some of the finest examples around have the name, date and even a short message written on the label, making it even more special.

4) Day out experience

If the birthday boy or girl loves to get out and try new experiences, presenting them with a pre-arranged day out is a great idea. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when looking for a gift, ranging from wine and cheese tasting courses to track days at a race circuit. Whatever they’re into, you’re sure to find something that matches their hobbies.

5) Jewellery

This may seem like a cop-out, but the classics are classic for a reason. Depending on who your giftee is and what they like, there are hundreds of jewellery gifts you could potentially give them. From bands and cufflinks for a man to earrings and necklaces for a woman, the choice is completely up to you. On top of this, there’s plenty of ways to personalise jewellery, either with an engraving or with a special stone.

6) Grow your own herb garden

If you’ve got a keen botanist in the family, this is the perfect gift to reinforce their hobby. With everything from herb gardens to chilli growing kits available out there, there’s bound to be something for your special someone. Even if they’re not keen on getting out in the garden, this also makes a great gift for budding chefs who want to spice things up in the kitchen.

7) Book

In this modern world of e-books and streaming, the simple act of giving a book is a rare thing. If your giftee is an avid reader, what better gift could there be? Rather than simply wrapping a random assortment of literature, try and find their favourite novel in a new copy, or even look for old editions of the book. There are also tons of accessories you can add, such as bookmarks and reading lights to really complete the experience.

8) Scratch map

By the time the birthday boy or girl has reached the big 5-0, it’s safe to assume that they’ve visited a fair few countries and had a few adventures. A scratch map, on which the owner can scratch off the regions that they have visited, is perfect for the well-travelled 50-year-old, allowing them to celebrate all of the places they have been while looking for new destinations.

9) Bouquet of flowers

Elegant, beautiful and refined, a bouquet of flowers a classic gift for any celebration, but it can be even more special for a loved one’s 50th. Pick their favourite flowers or just those with the best symbolism, and accompany the bouquet with a personalised note for a truly unforgettable present.

10) Dressing gown

Comfort should always take precedence when you’re entering middle age, so getting your loved one or friend a new comfy dressing gown with matching slippers is the perfect way to celebrate their transition into the relaxing years. With loads of styles and combinations available, you can buy exactly what suits them, and you can even personalise it with their initials.

What gifts are you thinking about giving this year? Are there any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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