20 best birthday gifts for him

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and presenting the perfect gift for him can say everything you want and more in one tiny package. However, finding the right present can be stressful, and with so much choice available, you want to make sure it’s the best way of showing your love and affection. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the 20 best birthday gifts so you won’t be stuck for ideas. Whether it’s for your husband, boyfriend, dad or brother, we’ve got you covered!

1. Poster

A unique poster, while a relatively small present, can be a great way of showing you care. It could be a print collage of you two together, their favourite band, or their favourite sports team – as long as it’s personal, it’ll be special.

2. Whiskey

If your man has a taste for the finer things in life, an expensive bottle of single malt whiskey is the perfect gift. With hundreds of bottles and packs available, you’re sure to find the perfect one. And the best part? It will last them a very long time, so they’ll never forget their gift.

3. Personal speaker

Nothing says love like letting them blare their music around the house at full volume. Whether it’s your dad’s old records that he’s just realised he can download on his phone or your fella’s latest hits, they’ll get loads of fun out of this one – the neighbours may not, on the other hand!

4. Photobook

Whoever you’re buying for, a personalised photobook can be a great way of saying “Happy Birthday!” Fill it with photos of you and him, showing your time together, and even add little messages of love to really show how much you care.

5. Bathrobe

It’s a classic gift and one you should really consider. He can be comfortable and stylish with a plush, luxury bathrobe, and you can personalise it with his name or initials for added impact.

6. Shaving Kit

Every man needs a good razor, so one of the best birthday gifts you can get him is a high-quality shaving kit, complete with beard oils, foams, trimmers and blades. It’s practical and stylish, and he’ll love it.

7. Watch

With so many options, the field is wide open on this one. Whether you splash out for a designer Rolex or a smartwatch, or keep it fun and simple with a 90s style calculator watch, it’s a great gift choice for men.

8. Designer sunglasses

If you’re tired of him always complaining about his cheap sunglasses breaking, splash out for a pair of designer shades. No matter the time of year, he’ll find an excuse to wear them.

9. Tickets

Whether it’s for his favourite band, a musical, a football game, or a stand-up comedy act, bagging a couple of tickets for him and a plus one (guess who!) is a great way of showing you listen and care.

10. Designer tie

Ever the stocking filler, a tie can actually be a very thoughtful present – if done right! Find a pattern that matches his favourite suit, or buy one that’s fun and stylish that he’ll always want to wear.

11. Scratch map/ atlas

One of the simplest gifts for men who love to travel, a scratch map is quirky and fun for everyone. You can even go a step further and personalise it with destinations you want to visit so you can mark them off later.

12. Genuine leather wallet

If they’ve been rolling around with the same Velcro wallet for the past decade, it’s definitely time for an upgrade! A leather wallet is classic, hardy and infinitely stylish, so you don’t have to be embarrassed every time they pay for something.

13.   Aftershave

If you want your boyfriend or husband to smell amazing, getting him a new aftershave for his birthday is the best way to go. With plenty of options out there, you can get the one he’ll like the most, or the one you like the most!

14.   Personalised mug

Make him the luckiest bloke in the office with a personalised photo mug. Whether it’s for your father, brother, boyfriend or best friend, they’ll smile every time they make a cuppa.

15.   Day out for two

Think outside the box with a day experience for two. From racecar driving to wine tasting to spa breaks, there’s plenty of options to give them a birthday present they won’t forget.

16. Grow your own plant

If your partner or parent is wondering what to do with their free time, get them a little project. Whether it’s a bonsai tree or a herb garden, it’s a great gift idea that they’ll keep using throughout the year.

17. Title gift

What better way to mark their special day than with a brand new title. Buying him a lordship title is an inventive, quirky gift idea that he’s sure to get plenty of use out of.

18. Rucksack

What do you get the man who has everything? Something to put everything in, of course!

19. Craft beer set

For the avid beer-drinker, a set of local, foreign or novelty craft beers can make for the perfect birthday gift.

20. Personalised pint glass

Regardless of what they’re drinking, they’ll always want to use their personalised glass. Leave them a short message so they’ll always think of you when they use it.

Have we forgotten anything? What was the last gift you received that was really special? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: 9months ago


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