20 best birthday gifts for her

Birthday’s come but once a year, but that doesn’t mean you’re always prepared for them. If you’re not the present-buying whizz who knows precisely what she wants and where to get it, you’re not alone. We know it’s not easy to find a present that the lady in your life – be it your wife, girlfriend, sister, niece, mum or just your best friend  – will truly love, so we’ve compiled a list of 20 great gifts for her, doing our best to avoid clichés!

1. Gadget Update

Sure, it’s fairly standard to give the birthday girl a new phone or laptop for her birthday, but why not consider other things that are too ordinary to have made her wish list but haven’t quite made it onto her regular shopping list either? Update her daily headphones that she always complains about, get her that new keyboard she’s been needing but can’t afford. Need inspiration? Sneak a peek into her handbag, to see what she carries with her every day. These are the sort of gifts where it really is the thought that counts.

2. Hairdryer

This is one for the attentive boyfriends out there. Kit out your place with beauty staples like a hairdryer (and there’s no reason for a hairdryer to be boring anymore!) so she can stop carrying hers over every weekend, she’s sure to appreciate it!

3. A meal out

The stomach may be the way to a man’s heart, but that’s no reason for any loving boyfriend to neglect his lady’s love of fine food! A meal out on her birthday may have become more of an obligation than something to be genuinely excited about, so mix it up! Take her somewhere completely unique that she’s sure to remember for many birthdays to come.

4. Breakfast in bed

The essential way to start any birthday? Breakfast in bed, obviously.

5. Cuddly cushions

Maybe the lady in your life hasn’t joined the world of women yet, and that makes buying presents all the more tricky. A great gift for this time of their life, when they’re moving away from childish things but not entirely ready to completely leave them behind, is a personalised cushion. Squishy like any well-loved cuddly toy, but grown up enough for them to add their own sense of style, a photo cushion is definitely something to get excited about!

6. Succulents

OK, OK, we know we said no clichés, but every girl deserves flowers on her birthday! Think outside the box and present her with some succulents complete in their own terrarium, bang on trend, easy to maintain and sure to look great in any room.

7. A pot plant

If your lady is more about the traditional look rather than glass-encased shrubbery, a pot plant is a much better choice than a bouquet. Try a lucky bamboo or an always gorgeous orchid.

8. Experiences

This is one for the millennials among you, who are actually statistically proven to pay for experiences over objects. Get her some concert tickets, a trip to the theatre or a boat tour down the Thames, anything to make precious memories and not just throw-away gifts!

9. Secret getaway

An experience that she’s sure to remember! Take your lovely lady away, whether it’s a spa break with mum or a glamping experience with your best mate, letting her experience a great time away from the ordinary without having to worry about the nitty-gritty is a pretty great gift.

10. Perfume

It may seem a cliché, but done right, your fragrant gift can be one of the most unique she’s ever received! Step away from the regular brands that line beauty counters and find unique scents like handmade perfume oils, or go all-out and have a scent made just for her.

11. Makeup replenish

Much like replacing her daily gadgets, your leading lady probably has some makeup she relies on but hasn’t got around to replacing. Take a look at her make-up collection, are there any items she’s trying to squeeze every last bit out of? Powders that have hit the pan, foundation bottles shaken to their last drop, sponges that are long past their prime, make a note and get shopping. You don’t even have to wrap them, just give her makeup area a bit of a sprucing up, replace the old items with you brand-spanking new ones and wait for her to be pleasantly surprised in the morning!

12. A chance to shine

If your girl has a passion for photography, art or just creating things, then give her something she’s sure to never forget: an opportunity to show it to the world. Renting exhibition space can be surprisingly affordable and as well as being a fantastic experience on her birthday, can even get her on the radar of local buyers and enthusiasts. Sure, this isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but we’re sure she’s worth it.

13. Wall art

You don’t need to make a public show of it to show off your girl’s talent. If she is a wiz with the camera then get her best shots blown up into gorgeous prints to grace the walls of your home. This isn’t exclusive to the camera-wielding women in your life, either, your little birthday girls can enjoy similar treatment.

14. Cake

Every birthday needs cake. If you shine in the kitchen, try making it yourself! If culinary creativity isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of places willing to provide cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

15. A night in

Not every girl is about getting her glad rags on and dancing the night away, just because the birthday girls isn’t the type to like a night out doesn’t mean you can’t treat her to an equally amazing night in. Start with a lovingly cooked dinner before cosying up on the couch. A string of fairy lights or a few candles works wonders for making a magical atmosphere (think hygge) and there’s no reason your birthday gifts can’t be the blankets, lights, and little touches you’ve added to the room to make it extra special.

16. Manicures

Manicures are essential in many girls’ beauty routine. A set of freshly done nails are a confidence booster and probably a staple in your lady’s monthly schedule. But all this pampering can add up, so why not step in and treat her on her birthday.

17. Decorative touches

Interior design has come into its own in the past few years, and now no room is complete without its fair share of accessories and ornaments, lots of which may have escaped your birthday girl’s shopping list or budget thus far. So do it for her! If you’re not sure of her style then talk to her friends for a bit of insight, but in general, sticking to the latest trends is unlikely to go wrong – so long as they go with the rest of the house, of course! Need some help? Try some useful guides for decorating living rooms or bedrooms beautifully!

18. Books

Books have an unfair reputation as the least exciting present you can possibly give, but that’s far from the truth. If the birthday girl likes novels then wrap up one or two, but why not also throw in a coffee table book? This large, glossy and chic addition to a room adds a new level of homeliness to your room of choice, even more so if you opt for a personalised photobook. After all, as the saying goes, a room without books is like a body without a soul!

19. Stationery

Because who doesn’t love some fancy stationery?

20. Go Seasonal

Does your special lady’s birthday fall around a special event in the year? If her birthday falls near Christmas, why not buy the Christmas tree and any decorations she wants to put on it. Halloween? Treat her to a movie night with a spooky twist, complete with decorations (go for the nicer ones like dark glass and filigree candle holders that still look pretty once the day is over) and even a costume. Easter birthdays are sure to inspire lots of chocolate, or your own sort of Easter egg hunt, but with small gifts instead of eggs!

Succeeded in finding your lucky lady the perfect cliché-free gift? Let us know below!

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