5 reasons to create a photo book for your baby

As any new parent (or aunty, uncle, mum’s-best-friend) knows, it’s a *very* precious time when a new baby enters your world. Along with unlimited joy and many sleepless nights, there comes a camera roll full of memorable moments – the sleepy smiles, those tiny toes and the *oh-em-gee* nappy explosions. If you’re new to parenthood, this is your sign to bring all those digital snaps into the real world with a photo book dedicated to your little one’s adventures. Here’s why…

1. A photo book of firsts

Those early years are filled with firsts – from their first bath, first taste of solids, to their first steps and first words. Add photos of all their special milestones to a photo book and you have yourself a visual story to chronologically remember every precious moment of their growth. As they get older, you can flip through the pages and tell them about every first they had.

2. Keep your family close

Let’s face it, if your family spread from the Scottish highlands to the coast of Cornwall, or even further afield, it’s tricky keeping everyone in the loop. Gifting a photo book of baby snaps to loved ones can bridge the gap between family visits, giving relatives the chance to see how much your little one has grown (especially for those who don’t do social media or live too far away for regular cuddles).

3. Putting faces to names

If your family does live further away than you’d like, a photo book of your little one wrapped in the arms of relatives during family shenanigans is a great way to help them recognise and remember those all-important familiar faces. It can also be used as a way to teach them about their family tree and where they come from – *very* cute.

4. All your photos in one place

Do your parents and grandparents still have boxes (and boxes) of disposable photos from your own childhood? Us too. And while it’s fun to sift through them instead of scrolling our phone, it’s just not *that* convenient. A photo book is the perfect way to enjoy precious baby moments alongside others, all in one place for easy reminiscing.

4. A forever-keepsake

Unlike the boxes of photos that can easily be misplaced or damaged, or your camera roll that can be there one moment and wiped the next (weep), our premium photo books are keepsakes that can survive grubby fingers, family gatherings and multiple house moves. Small enough to be stored safely on shelves, but big enough to be pride of place on the coffee table.

Ready to start creating? Gather up those gigabytes of baby photos and make a photo book of their milestone moments for the whole family to enjoy. Create using desktop or easily upload straight from your phone using our mobile app.

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