How to host the perfect baby shower

So, the bun’s in the oven and it’s almost done. You’ve stressed and struggled for months, through the ups and downs of pregnancy, the trials and tribulations, but there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget to do. Celebrate this momentous occasion! The chance to honour a brand new human life doesn’t come around very often, so make the most of this opportunity by throwing the perfect baby shower.

Read on for our best tips on sending invitations, as well as when, where and how to set up your party, plus, we’ve got lots of gift ideas for anyone who happens to find themselves attending as a guest.


Invitations need not take you hours to write out. Why not impress your guests with a baby card that has a bit of personalisation about it? Get them ready for the party by giving them a taster of the theme and inform them whether or not there will be gift giving or pre-arranged food.

If you’re struggling for the wording of your cards, have a look at these baby shower invitation ideas, there are plenty of ways to make the card a fun part of the process, as opposed to just another stressful task. Keep it serious with a more sombre invitation or go for something quirky that rhymes, the choice is yours!

When to throw your party

If you want, you can throw a baby shower as soon as you know you’re going to be parents. However, most people prefer to wait until there are only a couple of months to go. There are a few reasons for this, namely because your lovely baby bump will really add to the atmosphere!

Additionally, it makes more sense to have a party towards the end, as it is something to plan for and look forward to, a welcome distraction from the more uncomfortable side of things. Finally, you’ll want all of your closest and most cherished family and friends to be there, so it’s a good idea to let them know well in advance when you’ll be hosting the occasion.

Where to throw your party

It’s good manners not to throw the party at the house of the mum-to-be (if you happen to be organising this party for someone else). However, if you are the mum-to-be and you want it at home then go ahead! Just bear in mind that you’ll need some help with tidying up once everything is done.

Alternative options include renting out a venue such as a community club or using a close family member or friend’s house. Of course, if you want everything taken care of for you, indulge in an afternoon tea at a sophisticated hotel instead. No prep work or cleaning required, and you all get treated like royalty!

Baby shower themes and duration

There are some great baby shower themes out there, from fluffy designs to tropical Hawaiian, or even Star Wars! Just make sure to pick one that aligns with the mum-to-be’s personality. You may also want to change things based on whether it’s a boy or a girl. For those who want to leave it as a surprise for the big day, there are plenty of gender neutral themes to choose from.

You could even have fun at your baby shower by having everyone guess which gender your little bundle of joy will be. Remember to tie in your tasty treats and drinks to the theme. Babycham fits the bill in name and in low alcohol content, but if you’re going for a booze-free bar then delicious virgin cocktails can be every bit as exciting as their liquor-filled counterparts.

In terms of the duration of your party, you’ll want to set aside a few hours. This will allow you all to eat and chat, before going through all the usual games and card/gift giving.


Baby shower gifts usually consist of either clothing for the new baby, which can either be gender neutral or specific, or hamper baskets with things for the mother to enjoy as well. A combination of both will never go amiss.

We hope you’re now well equipped to welcome that little ray of sunshine into your lives, go ahead and have an excellent baby shower!

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