Boy or Girl: fun ways to reveal the gender of your baby

Finding out your baby’s gender is an amazing moment, one filled with anticipation and joy. But what if you would like to share that amazing moment with your closest friends and family? More and more people are choosing to hold “gender reveal” parties with their nearest and dearest. But of course, there’s a little bit more to them than that! There are loads of fun and quirky ways to announce your baby’s gender, so read on for a breakdown of our favourite options, from coloured cakes to parlour games!

Coloured dessert

Ideal for anyone who’s chosen a coloured party theme, the traditional idea is to have a baker line the inside of a cake with either pink or blue filling (you can pass them a note from your doctor specifying whether it’s a boy or a girl) and top it off with a neutral colour of icing i.e. white.

Gather your loved ones around and slice the cake to find out what colour bundle of joy you’ll be getting! There are plenty of variations on the gender reveal dessert, so feel free to pick your favourite type. Oh, and this method involves eating cake. Like lots of cake. A ridiculous amount of cake. So, we’re already sold!

Sibling act

Already have a little boy or girl? Get them in on the act by dressing them up in a printed t-shirt. It could say something like ‘I’m getting a baby brother’ or be even more creative: the only real limit is your own imagination. We all know how difficult some children can find the arrival of a baby brother and sister, so this method of revealing the gender is a great way of getting them involved and excited about the new arrival.

Reveal card

Keep it simple with a gender reveal card. You can personalise a card with pink or blue decoration on the inside or outside, or perhaps use a photo of the parents-to-be and a small pair of coloured baby shoes. There’s loads of different things you can do, so let your imagination run wild and get to work!

Guessing game

Make it a guessing game and present your guests with the choice of either a moustache or a girl’s hair ribbon as they enter your house or venue. Keep it family friendly though – no money bets, this is a baby we’re talking about! It can be quite fun and tense to leave your guests hanging for the duration of the party while you eat and chat. Wait till the very end for the big reveal, and send your guests home with some fun little trinkets.

Media savvy

If you’re a maestro when it comes to photo editing and can’t be torn away from sharing on social media , why not step it up a notch and make the big reveal online? Take your ultrasound picture and scan it onto your computer, then write ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ on it. Don’t forget, you can always use those ever-trustworthy pink and blue decorations to help get your message across. So much of our social lives revolve around social media, so pretty soon sharing your baby’s gender on social media is going to be the new normal. Get out ahead of the curve!

Confetti explosion

You can hire a small confetti cannon for your party and fill it with, yep that’s right, pink or blue paper! Your guests will love finding out the gender of your baby as the confetti falls around them, and it’s a great way of turning the whole thing into a real celebration.

There you have it, here are our favourite methods of revealing your baby’s gender. Now, it’s time to put them into action.

Last modified: 38months ago


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