4 reasons we adore Laurie’s My First Photo Book

This is Laurie, my son. His board book arrived recently, much to the excitement of the entire family. I’m glad it’s so robust; there’s already been a tug of war between Daisy (my daughter) and Laurie as they both wanted to read it!

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There are so many reasons we love Laurie’s book. Here are just four of them…

1. Incredible quality

The book has been beautifully made. I’ve made online books in the past where the photos have come out slightly blurred or part of a picture has been cut off, but this book has come out exactly as I saw it on the screen. I am so pleased. If you’re a bit of a photo geek like me, then you’ll be glad to hear that Photobox have a section where they tell you what resolution is needed to make sure the photos are crystal clear.”

2. “My book, my book!” – it’s Laurie’s favourite read 

As I hoped, Laurie loves sitting down with me to read his book all about our family. This is remarkable, as he currently has the attention span of a gnat! In fact he’ll go and get it and bring it to me: it’s his way of asking me to read it. He loves finding his “mama, dada” and sister “aisy” and gives himself a little clap for doing so.

3. Baby proof: it passed the snot (and the rest!) test

I also love the fact that it’s wipe clean. Sticky fingers, snot and dribble have all come into contact with it, despite my best efforts. But the pages are really easy to clean, so it’s a book both children can actually enjoy reading without me hovering.

4. A great gift

Daisy is slightly sad that she doesn’t have her own special book and has already added one to her ever growing birthday list. In fact, I can think of several small people for whom I’d like to make a book for their birthday. At £14.95 it’s a great personalised present and is remarkably quick and easy to make. I’m betting you could even make one whilst breastfeeding.

Make this book now

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