The most popular New Year’s resolutions (and how to stick to them)

You’ve finished the last of the leftovers from Christmas dinner, the mince pies have been reduced to crumbs and the tree is looking a little bit sad…time to start thinking about the year ahead?

With January just about to begin, it’s time for some resolutions. Here’s a list of the most popular (and a few tips and tricks to help you stick to them for longer than a week!)…

Exercise more

This is a difficult one to keep. Every New Year we all sign up for a gym membership only to cancel it a few months later… To keep motivation running high all year round, we recommend writing down on your calendar the days you’re planning to exercise. Make it a commitment to yourself and you’re more likely to never skip a session.

Spend less time on social media

Phones, iPads, tablets…they’re hard to put down! But if you feel like you want a little tech detox in the new year, we have the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is put a picture of you and your favourite people on your phone case, iPad cover or iPad sleeve as a gentle reminder to plan some quality time with your loved ones instead of playing on your apps.

Eat healthier

To make sure you get your five a day everyday, we recommend you invest in a diary. You’ll be able to write down shopping lists and healthy recipes to help you organise your weekly meals. Handy! And to motivate you even further, why not go for a Personalised Apron? With your favourite photo on the front, you’ll want to cook home-made meals everyday.

Be creative

In the new year, we often want to switch things up a little. Of course you could start painting, dancing or even paragliding…but if you want a hobby you can do from your couch, why not create a Photo Book? With a range of backgrounds, layouts and illustrations, you can really show your creativity. For a scrapbook look, you can even take pictures of memorabilia to put in your book, such as plane tickets, baby’s first socks or that funny-looking rock you brought back from Thailand.

Reduce stress

Doing yoga, meditating or even getting stuck into a colouring book are all great options to bring a little more calmness into your life. But don’t forget to rejig your environment too! A few plant pots or soothing art prints here and there can help settle your mood.

Take more photos

Here’s one resolution you can actually stick to: The 365 Photo Challenge (which in 2020 will actually be a 366 Photo challenge).What’s behind it? Take a photo every day to find the beauty in all life’s little moments. It might appear daunting at first but you might not be too far from it already. Especially if you have a young child! In this case, chances are you’re already taking at least 20 a day.

Doing the challenge doesn’t mean you have to be a professional photographer or go out of your way to find the perfect shot. A blurry shot can actually mean a lot on a busy day. It’s like creating a journal…without taking the time to sit down and write. Click here to read more about the 365 Photo Challenge and how to stick to it.

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