Creative ways to display your children’s drawings

Kids love to draw. And it’s important to show them that their art work is important – but where to put it all? We’ve got plenty of ideas for displaying your charming children’s drawings. Read on and get creative!

Children’s drawings topping the bill!

The first option is to put them up on the wall. But don’t even think about going about it blindly, sticking them up as and when. In their bedroom, let them choose with you the prettiest drawings, and fix them with tape, so they can be stuck up without damaging the wall. Now pictures can be changed at will. You can even create a fake frame, bordering the whole collection, for a lovely decorative effect. Do you prefer real frames? Put them directly on the wall, without glass or mounts. Then you can stick your drawings directly inside, with a little sticky tack, and this will brighten them up instantly. Another option: hang them from pretty pegged coat hangers, which are fixed to the wall with a simple nail.

kids drawings hung in a frame on the bedroom wall

Exhibited like works of art

If you really love one or several of your kid’s drawings, show them off in the corner of the living room, bedroom or in the hallway. Go all out: frame them behind glass or, even better, scan and print them in the style of a piece of art. Transform your kids’ drawings into an artist’s canvas, or stick them to aluminium for a truly modern effect. Now, how to arrange them on the wall? Linear, square, patchwork, anything goes! A little extra idea: copy the museums by creating photo books of your most prized exhibits. You’ll be happy to look at them again with your older kids in years to come.

Childrens drawings on the wall in frames like an art gallery

Drawings on a wire

What else can you do with the kids’ drawings? Create an extra, extra large garland. To achieve this, there are several options.

1/ A steel cable with clips supplied. Usually used for curtains, it transforms into an ultra-contemporary display piece for hanging drawings. You can fix it along the entire length of the wall (or just a part of it, if it’s large), and hang the little artworks with steel clips.

2/ Tack a piece of coloured string onto the wall and hang the drawings from it with pretty pegs you’ve collected here and there.

childrens drawings hung on the wall on wire and pegs

Printed on objects

Another option for showcasing children’s drawings: print them on decorative objects for the home. Proceed in the same way as before, scanning them beforehand. Then using Photobox, turn them into a personalised mug, an original cushion, a mobile phone case that you’ll always have with you, or why not a jigsaw puzzle to offer to a member of the family? So many easy-to-do ideas, which will turn your children’s drawings into unforgettable works of art!

All you need to do now is choose where and how you’re going to display your kids’ artwork, to make them proud and please everyone.

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