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Find the best nature images to print on a Canvas

Whether you’re looking for an image of a quiet beach with palm trees, a sequoia forest landscape on a rainy day, or a close-up shot of your favourite animal, we’ve found the best websites for copyright-free professional photos of nature imagery. Print your chosen snap on a Canvas to add a relaxing note to your office or your bedroom.

Footsteps in the sand, birds flying towards the horizon, hidden waterfalls in a tropical jungle, sunset on a white sandy beach… words can’t really describe the peace that you feel when you look at beautiful nature shots. Many studies were actually able to prove the calming effect on the body and mind of nature imagery – from helping patients control their anxiety to even lowering their blood pressure.

Aurora photo from Pixabay

If you’ve ever taken such peaceful photos then congrats! All you need to do is upload it and add it onto a Canvas. But let’s face it, not everyone can take a perfectly timed shot that captures the beauty of the landscape in front of their eyes. So we decided to list the best websites where you can find copyright free images that are free to download in HD.

And you know what, you won’t even have to tell anyone that it’s not your photo. Just make sure you have a believable back-up story if anyone asks how you did manage to take such a perfect snap!

Thousands of free high-resolution photos are available on Life of Pix, with a particular emphasis on landscapes and animal shots.
Our favourite tag: wild, for stunning photos of forest and mountains

With plenty of very high resolution images, Pixabay is the perfect website for your panoramic Canvas.
Our favourite tag: Butterfly, for up-close snaps of their colourful wings pattern.

With hundreds of new free photos added every day, has an impressive catalogue.
Our favourite tag: Underwater, for beautiful pictures of ocean life. offers lots of photos of desert and tropical landscapes, perfect for when it’s cold outside and you need a little warmth in your living room.
Our favourite tag: Sand, for images that will warm up any apartment!

Kaboompics offers plenty of close-ups of flowers and beautiful beach scenery that will surely give you the travel bug!
Our favourite tag: Cactus, because we never heard of a canvas with spines.