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What’s more fun around Christmas time than taking family photos that can be printed off and revisit over the years? There will always be that one family member busting to get into the shot, whilst another will shy away from the camera. Retaking photos until everyone’s eyes are open and making sure the dog stays still. Do these moments sound familiar?

Why not make these photos a little more fun by downloading and printing your own photo booth props? Follow these 3 simple steps to add some extra cheer to your Christmas snaps.

Step 1: Download your Christmas photo booth accessories

You can view and download all your Christmas photo booth props here. From elf hats and cute penguin masks to Santa’s beard and carrot noses, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Step 2: Print your Christmas photo booth props

To print your props, the ideal choice of paper would be a slighter thicker kind of paper (180 grams minimum) this way they will last over the entire Christmas season. However if you don’t have any thicker paper, regular A4 printing paper is okay, however they may be more prone to tear.

Our downloadable PDF should be printed in “actual size”. They should come out of the printer in the right size, ready to be cut. Don’t forget to print them in colour to see the full effect in your photos!

Step 3: Add the finishing touches

Once you have printed your props, carefully cut around the different shapes with a pair of scissors. Be sure to cut in the lines!

Lastly, in order to hold up the props to your face you will need some sort of stick. Have a look around the house. Get creative. From chopsticks, to pens and pieces of cardboard anything goes! Secure the cut out onto the stick with some sellotape and voila, they are ready for the photo shoot. You can consider making passport style photobooth sized images which can be used to personalise the bedroom.

Have fun with it! Merry Christmas!



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