How to create a unique gift for Mum with Wall Art

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for Mum, it’s about showing her how much you appreciate all the things she does, but most of all saying you appreciate her for just being her. Her off-key singing, random text messages, Gary Barlow obsession…your presents for Mum should celebrate every bit of her uniqueness, and a one of a kind gift is the perfect way to #showheryouknowher.

This is where our ‘Mum definition’ Wall Art comes in. Inspired by standard dictionary definitions, we partnered the look with our Wall Art range to make a truly stand out gift for the leading lady of your life.

Take a look at a few definitions of our own to give you an idea:

Mum – Noun
Headteacher for 20 years. Weather expert. Talks to the dog in a baby voice.
Example: ‘Make sure you take a coat’
Also known as: Life coach. Vinyl collector. Mick Jagger fanatic.

Mum – Noun
Winner of London Marathon 2015. Professional go-getter. Board game extraordinaire.
Example: ‘I just beat my time for yesterday’s run’
Also known as: Athletics aficionado. Tennis umpire.

Mum – Noun
Nurse of 30 years. Beyoncé fanatic. Never eats cake without a cuppa.
Example: ‘Can you put the kettle on for me?’
Also known as: Dried flower florist. Princess Diana obsessive.

So if you could sum up your Mum in a few words, what would they be? Once you’ve got a few little quirks in mind, you’re ready to start creating the gift for her. We recommend using Canva to create your Mum definition image before uploading it to your Wall Art. It’s free and easy to use but we’ve created a step by step guide anyway to give you a few extra design tips.

1. Start by having a browse through our Wall Art range to pick the piece that’ll make the best gift for Mum. Go for a more classic look with a Timeless Framed Print or check out some of our more edgy, modern designs like Photo Tiles and Aluminium Photo Prints.

2. Once you’ve found the perfect gift for Mum, take a look at the shapes and sizes it comes in to find the right fit. Make a note of this, as it will come in handy when picking your design on Canva. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend one of our Simple Canvas Prints in Rectangle, size 40 x 50 cm.

3. Next, open Canva and select or search for ‘Canvas Print Landscape/Portrait’ (depending on what orientation you chose for your Wall Art). Your template should be completely blank, ready for your masterpiece.

4. Add in three text boxes, one on top of the other (select the ‘text’ option on the left-hand panel and add a heading, subheading and body text).

5. In the top box write ‘Mum’ — this is where your definition starts! We used the Abril Fatface font to give it a bold, official dictionary look. (If you want to give your Wall Art a real dictionary feel, you can add an optional text box next to it with ‘(n.)’ in Alice font).

6. In your second box below, have a play around with a few phrases and quirky definitions you’d use to describe your Mum. Get creative with her hobbies, her obsessions and her habits that couldn’t belong to anyone else. Use the Alice font in bold italics for this box and try to keep your definitions short and snappy.

7. In your third text box you can write ‘Examples’ and ‘Also known as’ for other definitions that are too good not to include. Keep the same italics Alice font for this box but drop the bold to follow the dictionary definition vibe.

8. If you’re familiar with Canva (or would like to be), you can add any other touches to make your personalised gift for Mum a bit more colourful. We’ve kept ours pretty plain and simple as a piece that would make a great addition to a gallery wall, but if you want to jazz yours up with some extra graphics or colours then now’s the time! (If it’s a birthday gift for Mum, try adding some subtle balloons or party-themed graphics under the ‘Elements’ tab on the left, or some pretty flowers or plants if you’re creating personalised Mother’s Day gifts.)

9. When you’re happy with your definition, click the ‘download’ button in the top right corner of your screen (it looks like an arrow pointing to a line) to save your creation on your computer. Just make sure you select JPG or PNG from the drop-down menu so that you can upload your creation to your Wall Art.

10. Head back to your Photobox Wall Art you chose earlier and upload your Mum definition in the creation studio by clicking ‘Add photos’. You can then position it on your Wall Art to fit perfectly before ordering, ready to give Mum the biggest smile (and a few laughs) when she opens it!


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