How to: decorate your home with prints

Frame them!

To highlight the quality of your travel prints, you can use a map to create a background and put your print in the centre of the frame. The map used can be related to the countries you have visited. You will then be able to make a complete collection with a specific map and print for each country you’ve visited!

diy picture matting2

Use masking tape to hang up your prints

Some pictures just haven’t got enough definition to be enlarged and used on a canvas. However, you can hang a printed canvas on your bedroom wall with colourful masking tape (colour adhesive tape) to highlight them. Here are some examples to get some ideas:

Picture matting

Create shapes with your prints

To decorate your home, you can use prints and create shapes on your wall: a heart (ideal for Valentine’s Day), a square, waves of photos…Unleash your imagination! Here are some examples:

How to decorate your home with prints

Having photos displayed on the wall in a heart shape isn’t the only way you can use prints for Valentine’s Day. Why not store cherished memories in a thoughtfully created wooden keepsake box?

How do you use your prints, have you got any other ideas? You can also take a look on our Pinterest for more inspiration!

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