How to make a Little Moments Photo Book (spoiler: it’s so easy!)

Creating your first photo book can seem a bit daunting but you don’t need to be a travel guru or pro photographer to get involved. We’ve created our Little Moments Photo Book to help get you started. (Warning: setting your photos free from your phone gets a teeny bit addictive.)

Make this book now

How to do it?

Click on the Little Moments Photo Book and then start uploading photos.

We’re not kidding, it really is that simple. But there are a few ways you can make yours even more special. Here’s how:

A beginning, middle and end

First up: start with a plan. This might seem a bit over the top for a quick 25 pager. But if you’re telling a story and your images build towards something (your funniest shot? A family member’s life

story? A holiday adventure?) your book moves beyond cute into awesome.

And text helps here too. Moving your story along, adding a bit of commentary and making it completely personal.

So simple, you can do it all on your phone

That’s where most of our photos are these days. And even if you want to play with the layouts later (which can be easier to do on a bigger screen), it’s the quickest way to upload all those images.

Sign in and save your book, then you can edit it on any phone, tablet or computer.

Layouts laid bare

You can let Photobox sort the order and layout (you upload photos and Smartfill creates your book instantly).

Want to alter anything? Just drag and drop the layout you want onto that page. To keep things nice and simple, there are just three to choose from.

Your images can be:

• Full bleed – covers the whole page for added drama.

• Border – fits into a square with a white or black border around it.

• Caption – sits above some words.

Mix it up

To make a really interesting book, try putting close ups next to wide shots. And contrast colours to add some pizzazz. Don’t forget you can also change the colour of any words you add, as well as their size and font.

A full bleed image on one page, looks great next to a related image in a border layout (maybe a close up, or detail from the same event). Dark, full bleed image? Try a black border on the other page, for a pro touch.

The rule of thirds

Photographers often suggest this composition rule – where you split an image into thirds and the important bits (people’s faces, figures, landmarks etc) appear on those sliced lines. But with squares, putting people right in the centre actually works better. And symmetry also looks good.

Use the grid

When you drag your photos into the pages of the book, click on ‘crop’. This splits your photo into a nine-square grid.

It’s simple to just make sure everyone’s faces fit in properly. But why not have a little play? Rather than on the grid lines (see rule of thirds, above), position people in the centre of any of the outside squares – you’ll achieve an artier look.

Cover star?

Make sure you save an exciting shot for your cover, you can add text too so it’s really personal. If you can sum up the reason for the whole book in one picture, then you know you’ve nailed the front cover.

Don’t forget p24

This is the last page you can customise. Great place for a birthday message, little inside joke or final tear-inducing image.

That’s it. Good luck!

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