A step-by-step guide to planning big Photo Books

So you’ve decided to start a Photo Book (yay!) but you’ve also realised you’ve got quite a lot of photos to sort through and then a whole book to design… That’s why we thought we should tell you a bit more about our credit option for Photo Books and what you can achieve in the 3 months you have to create. 


What is credit?

The simple answer: more time and better value. 

We want you to get the most out of your Photo Book (as they last for a very long time!) and with credit you get up to 3 months to create a masterpiece. We thought this is the right amount of time to spend putting your Photo Book together as a fun side project.

Credit also gives you better value on your purchase per page, so you can get cracking on your creation with the knowledge that you bagged yourself a bargain book. 


Initial planning & preparation 

Before you get lost in your photo albums it’s a good idea to have a think about the logistics of your book. If you’re a whizz at staying organised (or just want a clear plan of what you’re doing) then you may want to write your ideas down. 

Start your plan by thinking about:

  • Who is it for?
  • Is it needed for a particular date?
  • What style would you like? (formal, decorative, simple, etc.)
  • How many photos (roughly) do you have?
  • Which Photo Book are you interested in?

There are many ways you can organise photos in your book. Here are some that we’d suggest:

  • Chronological
  • Events/occasions
  • People 
  • Places


Try and create a rough plan by section (this will make it easier to pick up where you left off when you work on it):

e.g. Photo Book about your dog

Puppy years 2010-2012 (30 photos)

Treat-thieving teens 2012-2015 (45 photos)

Golden oldie years 2015-2020 (40 photos)

What kind of planner are you? Everyone likes to work differently on creative projects and will have different requirements, so we’ve put together 3 plans to fit different timeframes and paces!


All the time in the world plan

Relaaaaax with plenty of time to get a solid plan mapped out before you start. Spend some more time getting to know our online editor, so it’s super easy to add your photos later.

Month 1 

  • Relax and take time with your initial plan
  • Get used to using our online editor/different layouts – have a play around with a page, resizing photos and reordering pages
  • Scan any photos you have as hard copies onto your computer
  • Upload photos to Photobox

Month 2 

  • Organise your albums online 
  • Choose page layouts – this will help you work out how many photos you might want to add to each section
  • Start adding photos to your book by section

Month 3 

  • Continue adding photos if needed
  • Add captions, dates or comments
  • Choose themes/borders 
  • 1 week to add the final touches 
An old woman holding a family photo album looks out through the window, lost in her memories.

Chop and change plan 

Can’t quite make up your mind about your Photo Book? No problem. We’ve got a plan that’s made for a quick turnaround if you want to start again.

Month 1

  • Plan out your answers to the initial questions
  • Scan and upload photos to your Photobox account
  • Begin choosing layouts for your pages using your plan as a guide

Month 2

  • Changed your mind? Change your book or page layouts to get yourself back on track by using our Easy Create option
  • Start setting out your photos on each page
  • Add any text and themes/borders
  • 3 days to add finishing touches
Woman in bed arranging travel photos

1 month blitz plan

Let’s go, go, go! If you have a good idea of what you want and a date you need your book for then this plan is perfect for you.

Week 1

  • Plan out your book
  • Scan any photos you have as hard copies

Week 2

  • Upload and organise your photos into albums

Week 3

  • Choose layouts for each page according to your plan – use our ‘shuffle layouts’ option to save yourself some time and get some ideas!
  • Start dropping photos into your book

Week 4

  • Finish adding any last photos
  • Add text and themes/borders
  • Spend a day doing final checks to make sure you’re happy


Once you’ve selected the right plan for you, you’re ready to get started. Remember, you have up to 3 months with credit to create your Photo Book, so take your time and enjoy it!

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