5 easy hacks to create professional Photo Books


This is an important step to get right when creating your Photo Books. You can organise your pics by date, occasion, person, pet (the list goes on). But if you’re not sure where to begin or want a quick-start, choose our ‘shuffle layout’ option and drag and swap from there. We’ll add your photos in a random order as a starting point for you to play with (it’s been known to spark creative ideas!).


Did you know that you can download photos for free online? We know yours are great, but it can be nice to divide up your Book with some subtle, textured shots in line with your theme. Use professional photos of cakes and flowers for wedding and birthday Photo Books to set the tone. You can also find professional photos of skylines and landscapes which can really boost a travel collection.

You can find photos to download for free on sites like

Unsplash and Rawpixel to really add flair to your story, and it’s not cheating — we promise!


If you haven’t heard about it already, you really need to give our Easy-Create™ tool a try. It’s our best hack for tackling bigger Books. Begin by answering a short quiz to tell us a bit more about your Book… then upload your photos and watch us work. We’ll create a fully personalised version of your Book from start to finish, so that all you need to do is review and tweak to get it just how you want.


Cut out the middleman (iCloud, Google Photos – we’re looking at you) and upload your pics straight to the Photobox app. Save time transferring photos from your phone to your desktop and just select straight from your camera roll. You can then pick up your creation on desktop later if you prefer using a bigger screen.


Take some time to have a play around with your Book in our creation studio — there’s so much you can do! Our creation studio is easy to use and lets you edit and tweak your Books down to the last detail:

  • Try out different photos on the covers and explore our range of different Photo Books, from cut-outs to layflats.
  • Learn how to transform page designs with different layouts, backgrounds and illustrations once all your photos are in place.
  • Add your own captions to pages with private jokes, favourite quotes or the need-to-knows about people and places.
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