10 Easter crafts for kids

Easter is the highlight of spring and not just because it’s a good excuse to eat your bodyweight in chocolate eggs (as if we needed one!). It’s also the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your little ones, although keeping them entertained isn’t always so easy, unless you’re ready for endless Easter egg hunts… Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favourite Easter art & craft ideas to keep your little bunnies from bouncing off the walls.

1. Easter Tree

Christmas doesn’t have a monopoly on festive trees, so why not try decorating your own ready for the Easter Rabbit? All you’ll need is some small branches, blown-out eggs, paint and a paintbrush, decorations, glue and ribbon. Firstly, you’ll need to decorate your eggs – glitter, paint, feathers and sequins are all welcome at this stage. Then, once your eggs have dried, glue the ribbon around each of them, so they can hang like egg ornaments. Finally, stand your branches in a vase or plant pot and hang your eggs from them.

To make your tree even more personal, why not repurpose our Wooden Christmas Decorations with an Easter themed snap?

2. Easter Bonnets

This classic Easter craft is fun for the whole family, especially when you organise an Easter Bonnet Parade once the headwear is ready to go! All they need to do is decorate their bonnets or hats with Easter themed decorations and they’ll be ready for the pages of Vogue – we heard that bunny ears are very ‘in’ right now…

3. Easter Baskets

Of course the kids will need something to gather all those chocolate eggs up in, and what better than a personalised Easter Basket! For this one, you’ll need a basket or jute bag, some Easter decorations or dried flowers and a little creativity. Whether you wrap dried flowers around the handles or glue some bunny ears poking out the top, it’s an activity that’s both useful and fun.

4. Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

This one’s a family favourite that you might have even tried out yourself– chocolatey bird’s nests that won’t stick around for long!
For this simple recipe, all you need is:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Cornflakes
  • Cupcake cases
  • Chocolate eggs

And here’s how to make them:

  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. Mix the melted chocolate in with the cornflakes
  3. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases
  4. Sit two or three mini eggs into the chocolate nest
  5. Allow to cool and set.
  6. Devour whole!

5. Paper flowers

Cheaper, and longer lasting, than buying an entire bouquet, this fun craft will brighten up any room and the kids will love to look at their creation for weeks to come! All you need is coloured tissue paper, pipe cleaners, some green card and a little determination. Here’s a simple guide that will help you make in minutes.

6. Easter photo hunt

A little healthier than your classic Easter egg hunt, an Easter photo hunt is a fun game to keep the kids active. Firstly,  you’ll need to choose photos for the hunt and print them with our Retro Prints. Then, write the clues on the space at the bottom of the print – each clue should help them find the next photo. The final clue should take them to the grand prize – MORE chocolate eggs, anyone?

7. Easter Masks

Turn your little ones into little chicks or even the Easter Bunny with cute, custom face masks! You can buy ready-made plain masks or you can cut out your own and thread them with elastic to help them stay in place. Then, let the kids go crazy with colour, sequins and stickers to make them super personal.

8. Easter wreath

Like trees, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas – they’re a lovely springtime update for your front door, and the kids (and neighbours) will love looking at it. Let them unleash their creativity with flowers, painted egg shells and little fluffy chicks or bunnies ready to show off to the world!

9. Easter story book

An Easter craft that can be treasured for years to come, creating a unique story book is a fun activity for the whole family to get involved with. The kids can snap away and upload the photos ready to go all from your phone. Then, they can add ‘funny’ captions, themes and backgrounds to make it truly unique.

10. Chocolate egg decorating

Whether you pick up some plain chocolate eggs or try fashioning your own by melting chocolate into egg-shaped moulds, decorating Easter eggs, though slightly messy, is a guaranteed hit with the kids (not so much with their dentist though!). Once you’ve got your chocolate egg at the ready, all you need to do is stick on edible decorations, like smarties, sprinkles or sugar flowers, using more melted chocolate and your egg is ready to be gobbled up!

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