How to bring a little spring into your home

Meditation, clean eating, flexible working – the advice around wellness is wide ranging and often difficult to stick to. But one easy way to get a bit of wellness in your day to day life, is to create an environment that helps bring you rest.

A great way to do that is to keep things green – by bringing a little nature into your home. And don’t worry, we don’t mean you need to turn your living room into a jungle!

From plants that help you breathe, to art that helps you live, here are some suggestions on creating an indoor garden in your home, no matter how green your thumbs.

Bring your days out in

These days most of us can’t resist whipping out our phones or our cameras whenever we’re confronted with a good view, so chances are you have a few photos of Mother Nature lurking around somewhere.

And that panorama of the Norfolk coast, the cosy shot taken in the New Forest, or a close up of a lush bed of flowers would look amazing on your wall.

Framed Canvas Print

There are tons of ways you can decorate your home with your own nature photography – from Framed Poster Prints to Canvas and Framed Canvas Prints (like the one above), or keep things truly natural with a Wooden Wall Print.

Curate your indoor garden

Chosen carefully and well cared for, indoor plants can really make a home something special. They don’t have to take that much work, and as well as bringing a comforting, natural feel to your decor, some of them can actively improve your health.

Try a snake plant in the bedroom – it’s great at filtering the air of toxins and, unlike most plants, it produces oxygen at night, which can help you get a good night’s sleep. As an added bonus, it only needs watering once a month!

In fact, Patch Plants have put together a whole list of air-purifying plants, to help you really reap the benefits of Mother Nature in your own home – and they’ll let you know how much TLC each one will need.

Keep things fresh

Another great way to help create a comforting, peaceful environment in your home, is to keep a healthy rotation of cut flowers going. You don’t have to be lavish with this if that’s not your style – a five quid bunch of daffodils in a glass can be just as good as an intricate floral arrangement. Or you can go even simpler and collect a few ferns or small branches of leaves from the garden, and add them in a for a little something extra. Mugs also make great pots for smaller plants, like succulents or cacti.

And if you’re choosing a mug to help decorate your home, why not make it really special one? Personalised Enamel Mugs make a great, retro-inspired statement vase or pot.

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