Home decor ideas for spring

From the bedroom to the living room, there are several ways to Photobox the beautiful moments of spring.

With spring, comes the feeling of a need for a refresh. Perhaps a spring clean. We’ve rounded up 5 easy ways to say bye bye to winter and hello to spring. From wall art to Photo Books use your very own photos to create personal features to brighten up your home. Some will take you less than 10 minutes to create. It’s that simple.

Write the word HELLO on your wall with our Retro Prints

gif retro prints spelling out hello on the wall

Here are 3 simple steps to achieve this photo wall feature:

1. Pick your favourite moments: photos of family, friends, furry friends, recent travels, holiday wishlist destinations, etc.

2. Print them on our Retro Prints. Don’t forget! You can add personalised messages on each print. Such as a personal message, a date or a location.

3. Arrange them on your wall, forming a word of your choice: HELLO, FUN, LIFE, LOVE. Alternatively, you could create a shape: a heart, a cloud, a sun… be creative!

To create prints with a vintage feel style, check out our Retro Prints page. They will even come in a magnetic box

Create a collage wall feature to show off your personality with our Simple Photo Canvas

gif creating a wall feature of different size canvases for spring

Large ones, small ones, medium ones. On your wall. Here are 3 tips for creating your masterpiece:

Tip 1: Choose a theme (your last holiday for example) and colour tones that compliment each other such as yellow and green. You can also keep it monochrome and print only black and white photos on your canvas.

Tip 2: Use a minimum of 3 photos to create your wall feature. Or to achieve that real collage feeling like the gif below, use 5 to 10 photos.

Tip 3: If you create jumble like collage using canvases, select our single photo canvas for your creations. Using collage canvases will make the wall seem extremely busy.

To print your photos onto a canvas with a wooden frame, visit our Canvas Print page.

Create your very own cookbook with our A4 Personalised Photo Book

personalised recipe book moving fruit in the kitchen

Do you love to cook? Wouldn’t it be great to gather all your wonderful creations into a cookbook of your own? Move over Jamie Oliver, there’s a new chef in town. Printed on beautiful, high quality paper show off your favourite recipes with images included. Whether it’s a recipe passed down for generations or an instant classic off the internet; it deserves a page in your very own cookbook.

Discover many ready to use designs, each design has a different layout, which will help you showcase your recipes. You can create anything from 26 to 160 pages.

To create your recipe with a personalised front cover, visit our A4 Personalised Photo Book page.



Make your moments magnetic, with our Photo Magnets.

kitchen and magnets on the fridge

The saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. So would that make the fridge the heart of the kitchen? We open and close our fridge up to 10 times a day! Here are 3 original magnets ideas to brighten up your kitchen’s decor in spring:

1. Print your favourite photos. Those holiday snaps or a portrait of the family pet will brighten up every morning when you open your fridge.
2. Print your local restaurants and their phone numbers for a fuss free takeaway.
3. Instead of a framed print or a canvas on your wall, create a little piece of art using numerous magnets on the fridge door.

To create magnets out of your favourite photos, visit our Photo Magnets page.

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