Five reasons to make a yearly photo book

By Photobox on 14 December 2022

Creating a photo book of your favourite moments from throughout the year is a great way to celebrate the good times, get excited for the new adventures to come, show gratitude to your loved ones, and even clear out your camera roll storage. Take a look below at some of our favourite reasons to create a photo book with Photobox.

To reflect

The start of a new year always feels like opening up a brand new book to a fresh first page, and as you take it all in, it’s time to take a look back at the year you’ve had. As photo book experts (you can trust us), we can tell you that making a book filled with all your favourite stories is a great way to slow down and show gratitude for the good times.

Have a browse through your camera roll, pick out your best snaps, decorate them with backgrounds and stickers in our editing studio, and place your order to relive the highlights of your year – a little way of saying “thanks 2023, you were great”.

To organise your photos

A year’s worth of adventures can *seriously* fill up a camera roll fast. Emptying out your phone and turning your favourite photos of the year into a physical book is a great way to bring all of those a-mazing memories to life. Why not check out the A4 Classic Collage Photo Book to feature your best nine photos on the cover.

Organising your photos with a yearly photo book can also help to make some room for all the stories to come in the new year – you don’t want to be caught out by full storage when you head outside and get snap happy in the freshly fallen snow, do you?

To make a gift

A yearly photo book is the perfect gift idea for friends, family, colleagues, and everyone in between. Fill it with all of your best memories together from the past year (there’s a lot), or maybe add some photos of their favourite things if you’re lacking in selfies.

For an extra personal touch, you can add in-jokes or fun messages as captions in our editing studio. And why not change up the layouts of the photos on each page to add multiple snaps from different memories you made together?

To start a collection of yearly photo books

Why not turn making a book of your favourite memories from the year into an annual tradition? Now’s the perfect time to get started on making your very own special collection of printed photos from throughout the years. And given just how fast the days seem to fly by, you’ll have a stack of books filled with your best moments from each year in no time.

We recommend the A4 Year Photo Book as it features a cut-out of the year number on the cover, so the story of your year is proudly displayed.

To manifest more good moments in the new year

The fresh start of a new year brings a fresh batch of motivation for even more good times. Putting together a photo book of your year and looking back over all your favourite moments is an easy route to daydreaming of new stories to plan.

Maybe you’d like to take the kids back to that summer holiday spot, or maybe all those dinner party snaps have you craving new restaurants to try. Having a finished photo book in your home filled with all your best memories can be a great way to fill you with energy and excitement for all the new stories to come.

Ready to start creating? We’ve got you sorted with a wide range of photo books waiting for you to tell the story of your year.