Cover inspiration for your yearly photo book

By Photobox on 14 December 2022

2023 has been a roller coaster of a year and we know how much it means for you to preserve those moments, from the good, the bad and the slightly embarrassing.

We’re here to give you some inspiration about how you can tailor your photo book cover to round up your year. Whether you want to be minimalist with just one photo or go wild with splashes of colour, we really are ‘judging a (photo) book by its cover’.

Your favourite photo of the year

Among all the a-mazing things you’ve done this year, there’s bound to be a favourite photo in your camera roll. Problem is, which one are you going to pick? Which photo screams ‘I’m a cover-worthy snap’? Could it be a family photo from your cousin’s wedding, or a group selfie of you and your mates? Whatever photo you pick, it’s going to be front and centre on your personalised yearly photo book.

Photo book you should choose: A4 Personalised Photo Book

An A4 Personalised Photo Book with a cover image of four friends smiling together and

With this ever-so-popular photo book, you can personalise the cover to showcase your favourite photo of the year. Pick your snap, then add a background or stickers to make it pop. You can even add your own text to make sure *everyone* knows what a year you’ve had.

If you’re creating a yearly photo book from the app, try out our new photo book cover designs. Each one has been expertly designed with sharing stories in mind so whichever you pick, it’ll highlight your photos perfectly (trust us).

Make your photo book shine with your top nine

For those who just cannot choose one photo to be the cover star, why not choose nine instead? That way, you get to pick photos from all the special occasions you experienced throughout the year. From graduations to Halloween parties, this year has been a busy one and your phone storage is starting to get full. Photo dump these moments into a photo book and never get a finger cramp trying to scroll through your camera roll again.

Photo book you should choose: A4 Classic Collage Photo Book

An A4 Classic Collage Photo Book with a black cover and nine window cut outs with various photos peeking through.

With this book, the nine cutouts on the cover make it perfect for your already chosen photos. Simply upload them and pop them into the photo spaces in our Editor.

Using words to tell your story

If you’re wanting to go down the minimalist route with your personalised yearly photo book, try using text instead of a photo. Save all your favourite snaps for when you open the book and keep the cover simple. Within our Editor you can easily write your yearly photo book cover caption and pick a font that matches your vibe. Are you going for a simple ‘Our year in photos’ or something more striking like your names and dates the photos were taken?

Photo book you should choose: Square Hardcover Photo Book

Two Square Hardcover Photo Books, one open to a page with family photos and one with a cover reading

Sturdy but sleek, this photo book is perfect for filling with photos of your year and a splash of text for the front cover. Use our Editor to choose your favourite font and align the text to make it front and centre.

Your yearly photo wrap up

What better way to round up your year with an actual yearbook full of your favourite moments? Gather the family, pick all your best photos and pop them into your personalised photo book. Either keep it for yourself (it looks great on coffee tables) or gift them to friends and family so they can keep reliving those special moments.

Photo book you should choose: A4 Year Photo Book

An A4 Year Photo Book, with a light blue cover and a cut out of

This photo book is the definition of a celebration of your year, and what a year it’s been. With the date cutout on the front with space for your photos, so pick your favourite ones and get creating.

Open up the app now and start creating your photo book – it’s the perfect way to celebrate the year.